Cindy Herring's Legacy
Posted by Cristen Harper on September 8, 2022

Cindy Herring, RN, Volunteer Director for Healing Hands International, is retiring after 23 years of dedicated service. In a recent episode of the "It Takes A Village" podcast, co-workers, volunteers and long-time friends were asked to describe Cindy. The word that came up over and over again was passion. Cindy’s passion for helping those who are hurting and connecting Christians with opportunities to serve is a priceless legacy that will have ripple effects for decades to come.

Throughout her two plus decades at HHI, Cindy wore countless hats, including starting out as a volunteer herself. Before HHI had any full-time staff, Cindy and others spent countless hours sorting and packing medical supplies and equipment for hospitals around the world.

Cindy directed the MAGI program for over a decade, and led many trips to Honduras to aid in distributing the gifts. She was instrumental in establishing HHI’s Women of Hope and Dorcas Ministries, as well.

Many HHI staff members have come to know her as "mum," including HHI’s Director of African Agriculture, Dr. Ebenezer Udofia who had this to say in a recent interview, "Cindy has impacted my life by her passion and unconditional love. It has truly produced an everlasting impact on me and has changed the communities we serve for the better in so many ways."

Though Cindy is retiring, the HHI team likes to view it as simply a transition from staff back to a volunteer position. Cindy will always be a part of the HHI family.