Christmas Comes Early In Zambia
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 17, 2018

Jason Nanjaame shares a tragically common story with many Zambian children: his mother died while giving birth to him. As recently as 30 years ago, when this situation happened, the baby was buried alive with the mother. This disturbing act was considered to be more humane than letting the baby slowly starve to death without his mother’s milk. After learning about this practice, our partners The Namwianga Mission immediately answered God’s call to offer assistance to this situation and The Haven was born. This ministry serves as a temporary children’s home where any newborn whose mother has died can be brought in, be taken care of, loved on, and fed for about two years. After the two years has passed, the baby is returned to the family, healthy and eating solid foods. In many cases, the father has remarried by this time and the couple is ready to reassume guardianship of the baby.

Jason is one of the many children who have been rescued by The Haven. During our trip we had the honor of presenting him and his siblings with their very own MAGI boxes. Jason was elated to open his gift that YOU so thoughtfully packed! He pulled out the contents gingerly and inspected each thing carefully. He immediately narrowed in on the container of bubbles as his favorite item and worked on his blowing technique for the remainder of our visit!

This precious 10-year-old boy dreams of being a pilot when he grows up... which seems totally realistic since he is at the top of his class in school and feels “annoyed” any time he has to miss class! Thank you for blessing Jason with a MAGI box. Your godly impact of love on his life will not soon be forgotten. We are looking forward to seeing where

God will take this bright young man and what he accomplishes for the Kingdom of God! Remember, Jason is one of many children blessed by the MAGI program at Healing Hands International. Pack your box today!