Children are learning survival skills!
Posted by Cristen Harper on October 26, 2022

In July, a Hunger to Harvest Workshop took place at the Springs of Life, a community school in Pangani Village, Kenya! Over 45 students participated in the two-day training. The workshop teaches farming skills including compost making, raised planting bed construction, and use of drip irrigation. HHI Trainer Augustus shared he anticipates the children will share what they have learned with their parents.

On the first day, students were eager to learn how to make a compost pile. Lillian (pictured above) shared, "I am marveled by how this trash that we cut from our school field could be used in such a great way. My parents have been burning farm trash but not anymore. I now know how to use it and I will teach them."

John (pictured above) is in the 8th grade. He said, "This training has taught me farm life and the value of hard work. If the work on a farm does not get done, the operation fails. It takes discipline and dedication to get down to business every day. Seeing this in action has given me a good work ethic. I now know and understand that nothing good comes easy and that I have to work to survive. At the same time, I have learned to work with others, functioning as part of a team which will come in handy in all walks of life."

At the close of the workshop, students proudly received their completion certificates and pledged to use what they learned. With Hunger to Harvest training, students have learned survival skills. There will be a day when parents are not present and able to help them. When that day comes, the students who know how to farm will be able to feed themselves, fix things, and solve problems through hard work. You can make a difference for future generations. Will you join us today?

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