Battling hunger during the pandemic
Posted by Emily Lansdell on May 5, 2020

As families across the globe continue to struggle in different ways at this time, the overriding issue facing developing countries is hunger. Food shortages, lack of income, and restrictions for shopping in markets has escalated hunger more than ever before in places like Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Thanks to YOUR generosity and partnerships with local churches, ministry schools, and humanitarian organizations, HHI is equipped to respond to many of these needs. Food deliveries were made recently throughout several communities in western Kenya. Gifts of sugar, maize and soap for slowing the spread of the disease have been crucial in these areas.

“Thanks very much. The condition over here was hectic. We have those who were going without food,” said David Wasonga, a minister for the Ahono Church of Christ in Kenya. “Even to get one meal was a problem, especially with the elderly. I was able to distribute food to the 35 households in our church plus the neighborhood, which was really suffering.” 

Other distributions have been made in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and more are on the way as a result of our partnership with Feed My Starving Children. In recent weeks, more than 3,500 packets of meals were distributed to 360 families in the most dire need in the Beitbridge community of Zimbabwe,

Most of the people who received food parcels are vendors, who have had no income since the lockdown. They have simply been starving, said minister, Jonathan Chuma Nkutika. This donation resulted in the feeding of more than 60 percent of homes in Beitbridge.

“There was jubilation! People broke into tears of joy; some singing songs of praise for the church bringing food to Beitbridge,” Jonathan said. “It was a joyous moment, a spectacular traditional way of expressing gratitude. They also hoped that this act will be an ongoing exercise.”

Now and always, Healing Hands International remains committed to providing food relief through short-term aid and the agriculture education program. As shipments of food are shared, survival gardening workshops and seed distributions are also continuing. Thank you for your support!