Agriculture training brings food relief during global pandemic
Posted by Emily Lansdell on April 9, 2020

Every day, HHI Agriculture Trainer John Dube is a witness to how agriculture education changes lives and entire communities through sustainable gardens. Food shortage is an ongoing battle in developing countries like Zimbabwe, but even more so now during the global pandemic. Food merchants and grocery markets are closed, and transportation is limited during the current 21-day lockdown, according to HHI’s Director of Agriculture, Carl Burkybile, who works with Dube and other trainers worldwide.

Thankfully, ongoing donor support for times of need such as this has equipped us to respond. HHI purchased a significant amount of produce from Dube’s family garden to donate to a local hospital, orphanage and welfare center in this region. Specifically, large quantities of vegetables like tomatoes, cova and kale were shared.

"This huge donation came at a critical time,” said Mutare Provincial Hospital administrator, Mr. Masasi. “On behalf of the institution, I wish to extend our sincere gratitude to you for this timely gesture.  Our storehouses are almost empty. We are taking drastic measures to adjust to shortages, but you know there is no substitute for food.  The number of staff members receiving the donations speaks volumes of how desperate we are and how appreciative we are."

These efforts are a powerful example of HHI staff, partners and supporters working together to demonstrate God’s love, and we are so thankful! We are thankful to native trainer, John Dube and his family, who planted, tended and harvested the garden. We are thankful to HHI partner, Chapin Living Waters, who provide drip irrigation kits so that these gardens can thrive. We are thankful to local churches on the ground in these areas that minister to those in need. And most of all, we are thankful to our donors, who make it all possible!