Africa’s Food Crisis: YOU can make a difference through Planting Seeds Saving Lives
Posted by Brooke Kehl on December 26, 2016

Thank you all for your extremely generous donations to our Planting Seeds Saving Lives campaign. Through your giving and partnership, we have been able to raise $112,759 to help fight hunger during the starvation crisis. As the crisis becomes more severe, we need your help to save lives now,  more than ever.

 The food crisis in the southern part of Africa is expected to peak over the next two months.   Pregnant women aren’t meeting their dietary requirements resulting in an increase in death of newborn babies.  Millions of children will be malnourished affecting their brain development. 

 Experts are saying that 40 million people across the whole of southern Africa are affected.  Seven countries have now declared a state of disaster, facing the worst drought in 35 years.  In Ethiopia, government leaders say it is the harshest drought in 50 years.  

Our very own Director of Agriculture, Carl Burkybile, has been busy connecting with church leaders and community influencers in Zimbabwe and Malawi to discuss the first-hand needs of those on the front line of suffering during this crisis and how Healing Hands International can play a role in bringing hope to those areas.

 You can help us make a difference.   Our “Planting Seeds Saving Lives” campaign helps pay trainers to teach survival gardening for sustainable change, buy in-country food, ship pre-packaged balanced meals and drill water wells.


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We thank you in advance!