Abigail's Future Is Changed
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 11, 2019

Like so many girls in Africa, Abigail has faced great difficulties in her short life. At age eight, her parents made the difficult decision to give her to a man to be his future bride. The understanding was that his family would raise her and pay for her education until she reached a suitable age for marriage. Unfortunately, the man did not want to wait, so Abigail chose to run away. 

Having nowhere to go, she landed in police custody. By God's grace, the police reached out to God's Will Training Institute (a partner of HHI located in Ghana), and asked that she be accepted as a student. Because of the scholarships provided through our Women of Hope ministry, Abigail was able to come to the school and train to become a dressmaker. She has since been baptized into Christ and recently completed her final exams!

Abigail's future is bright because women here in the U.S. gave her the opportunity to completely change the direction of her life!

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