44,000 People Trained in Agriculture Workshops
Posted by Taryn Foster on October 16, 2020

In the Bwengu village of northern Malawi, 59 people were trained in survival gardening techniques, bringing the total number trained to over 44,000 in 36 countries! Using compost, raised planting beds, and drip irrigation, trainees often double or triple their vegetable yield.

Director of the Agriculture Extension Planning Area Jaten Kalagho was surprised by the ease of the training. “When I was invited by church leaders to come to the training, I took it lightly, but I have found it to be simple and deep at the same time,” Jaten said. “Thank you for inviting us to this training. I have learned a lot, especially the connection between the Bible and agriculture. May God bless the church and Healing Hands International for funding this training.”

Preacher Felix Mhoni was also surprised by what he learned. “I am humbled to know what God really meant when he says, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ We have the resources around us, but we are starving to death. I will start using what I learned tomorrow and teach others who are not here.” When HHI Trainer Mbwenu asked who will use these new skills at their garden almost everyone raised their hand.


You can help provide this training for more villages just like this one in Malawi! If you would like to #DoubleTheHarvest and take people from hunger to harvest, donate HERE: hhi.org/doubletheharvest