10-year-old, George, now has clean water!
Posted by Cristen Harper on February 27, 2022

Our team is eager to share with you that the people of the Motoka Village in Zambia now have clean water! This region of Zambia does not have any rivers or reliable streams, so the community has always relied on digging shallow wells for a water source. These small wells only provide water for half the year. Richard, a member of the community, shared that this has been the case for as long as he can remember. He shared, "Ever since I was a small boy, everyone including our cattle and goats were getting their water in the dry season from this shallow well. The water wasn’t good for the people’s health."

Thanks to your generous gifts, now those days are a thing of the past! George, pictured above, will have a much different experience in life than Richard did, at least when it comes to obtaining clean water. George said, "This water is good, it doesn't have any dirt or germs."

Thank you for making an impact on this community. This water will change lives for decades to come!

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