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Encounter Fall Youth Retreat
November 10, 2019
So Far:$570

Please join us for a Walk4Water at Camp Wiregrass as part of our fall youth retreat. We are excited to help make a difference for people around the world who don't have the access to clean water that we do. 

Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 16, 2019
So Far:$8,145

Water is an essential part of life, yet there are still many places in this world with limited access to clean water.  The Rutherford County Walk4Water makes a life-changing difference in the world each year.  Our community comes together with the common goal to raise money to dig wells in developing countries.  These wells will bring clean water and with it, life to these communities.  Last year we were able to fund a new well in Haiti.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be servant-hearted people who strive to make this world a better place.  Jesus said that his true followers are those who care for others, especially those who are less fortunate and in need.  In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches that to truly follow him and be his disciple means being compassionate and of assistance to those in need.  This walk is an opportunity to show compassion and make a real difference to those who are in need.  Please consider joining this cause by participating in our walk or by making a donation.

Birmingham Area Wide
November 17, 2019
So Far:$56,239

We’re excited about partnering with Healing Hands International to dig some clean water wells in Haiti! Our goal is $30,000, and when we get there we’ll be able to dig 4 wells for Haitian communities! Our Walk4Water event will be Sunday afternoon, November 17, at Homewood Central Park Pavilions 6 and 7. Registration begins at 1:30pm, and the walk starts at 2:00pm. Some will choose to walk the 4-mile distance out of respect for the millions of women and children in developing countries who walk this distance daily to get water, which — in most cases — is contaminated by different kinds of bacteria. Others will simply attend the event to show their support and raise awareness for this very treatable problem. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show our kids that we can make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings who are struggling. 

Burleson Church of Christ
November 23, 2019
So Far:$90

We will once again host a Walk 4 Water this year on Saturday, November 23rd.  Check in will be at 9:00am and we will begin the walk at 9:30am.  We use this as an event to raise awareness for the need for clean drinking water.  

This is a great opportunity to make your family and children aware of the need for clean drinking water in other places in the world, and we hope you will join us as we Walk 4 Water!

As a side note, please do not create a personal financial goal for this event.  Instead, plan to also join us for our Day of Thanks and Giving service and save your financial contributions for the collection on that day.  We will meet the overall financial goal for Walk 4 Water through the giving at that service as a part of our Day of Thanks and Giving collection.

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $375,000
Raised So Far: $516,382


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Already This Year!

San Jose Area Wide Churches
January 26, 2019
Total Raised: $3,278
Lodi Community Walk4Water
March 9, 2019
Total Raised: $10,587
Homewood Church Walk4Water
March 9, 2019
Total Raised: $11,876
Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 23, 2019
Total Raised: $4,707
Sparkman High School Junior Civitan Club
March 28, 2019
Total Raised: $554
Lanett Community Walk4Water
March 30, 2019
Total Raised: $2,134
Grant Street Church of Christ
April 6, 2019
Total Raised: $9,857
Eastern Hills Church of Christ
April 7, 2019
Total Raised: $15,263
Old Hickory Church of Christ
April 13, 2019
Total Raised: $8,826
Meadowbrook High School FCA
April 14, 2019
Total Raised: $7,598
Columbia Academy
April 18, 2019
Total Raised: $12,877
Servants of Christ Campus Ministry
April 27, 2019
Total Raised: $5,374
Broadway Church of Christ
April 27, 2019
Total Raised: $28,240
April 27, 2019
Total Raised: $6,500
Mid County Church of Christ
May 4, 2019
Total Raised: $17,878
Lewisburg Middle School
May 9, 2019
Total Raised: $3,392
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 11, 2019
Total Raised: $7,520
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 11, 2019
Total Raised: $3,683
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 18, 2019
Total Raised: $5,299
Licking County Walk4Water
May 18, 2019
Total Raised: $7,648
Lawson Road Church of Christ
June 1, 2019
Total Raised: $10,385
Brentwood Hills Church of Christ VBS
June 12, 2019
Total Raised: $16,651
Boyden Walk4Water
June 28, 2019
Total Raised: $5,827
Church of Christ in Green Hills
August 11, 2019
Total Raised: $11,910
Pleasant View Church of Christ
August 17, 2019
Total Raised: $8,000
SAE Institute
August 23, 2019
Total Raised: $1,075
Mars Hill Bible School
August 24, 2019
Total Raised: $10,284
Briensburg Church of Christ
September 7, 2019
Total Raised: $8,453
Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 7, 2019
Total Raised: $12,717
Livonia Walk4Water
September 7, 2019
Total Raised: $5,037
Bellevue Church of Christ
September 8, 2019
Total Raised: $31,739
Signal Mountain Middle School
September 10, 2019
Total Raised: $5,397
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 14, 2019
Total Raised: $25,341
Central Kentucky Churches
September 14, 2019
Total Raised: $4,925
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 15, 2019
Total Raised: $67,794
Mid-Ohio Valley Walk4Water
September 21, 2019
Total Raised: $8,520
Henderson Church of Christ
October 5, 2019
Total Raised: $1,560
Down River W4W hosted by Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 5, 2019
Total Raised: $3,907
West Chicago Church of Christ
October 12, 2019
Total Raised: $4,559
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 13, 2019
Total Raised: $11,897
Maysville Church of Christ
October 19, 2019
Total Raised: $12,659
Trap Pond Walk4Water
October 19, 2019
Total Raised: $7,650
University Christian Center
October 26, 2019
Total Raised: $1,390