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Henderson Walk4Water
September 29, 2018
So Far:$3,991

This Saturday was a great opportunity to walk with people from all over the nation. United by Freed-Hardeman University's R.U.S.H. Weekend we had people from Kentucky, Arkansas, and many more states including our very own local walkers from Henderson, TN. We are so excited to walk around Freed's campus again with the Henderson church of Christ and to give many people the opportunity to experience what it's like to Walk For Water!

Westgate Church of Christ
September 30, 2018
So Far:$6,285

We had an incredible first-year Walk in Dothan! There was a great turnout, and we raised over $5,300 for clean water. As we were registering people for the Walk, it was a bright and sunny day and we were afraid that half the crowd might fall out from heat exhaustion. Then, as soon as everyone was as far away from the building as possible, the clouds rolled in and brought a torrential downpour with them. However, a little rain couldn’t bring down anyone’s spirits.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Dothan for all of their hard work in putting the Walk together, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Down River W4W hosted by Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 13, 2018
So Far:$4,314

Lincoln Park church of Christ has been involved with Walk4Water for the last 9 years because we wanted to help those who are in need. This year we are hosting our 10th walk and we are wanting to make this a group effort and we are calling it the Down River Walk4Water.

It's tough in this country to think that people have to drink dirty, filthy water. It is hard to imagine men, women, and children dying because of it.  So that is why we got involved, to help make a difference.  Sometimes we have the mindset of, "If it's dirty, then why are you going to put it in your mouth."  When it is your only option... do you pass it up?  do you go without? No, because you need it!!   And that is why Walk4Water is something that we continue to do because we have an opportunity to help those in need.  We want to encourage you to join us in this fight to bring clean water to the country of Haiti. Register today and look forward to seeing you on the 13th of October.

MOV Walk4Water
October 13, 2018
So Far:$3,529

Preparing to weather the cold temperatures, we made sure everyone had plenty to eat. Not only did we get to share a meal and the surrounding joy of being at the City Park together, we were able to walk so that people in Haiti can continue to receive clean water.  With a hundred people coming out we were super pumped to see the Mid-Ohio Valley Walk4Water grow and are excited to see what it becomes next year!! Keep Walking Parkersburg!

Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 14, 2018
So Far:$8,523

For the past 5 years we have gathered at Brentwood Oaks to walk 4 miles to raise money for water wells and repair of existing wells in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Haiti  We do this because we care about God's people all over the world.  What better way to teach them about the love of Jesus than through clean water.  Drilling two wells can save as many as 7,000 people from sure death. We have visited Haiti and seen what an impact a clean water well can make.  We have witnessed women and children walking miles for water that is contaminated. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus for people who need clean water all over the world.  Join us for a 4 mile walk on our beautiful 40-acre property.  Stay for dinner & celebrate with us after the walk!!

University Christian Center
October 27, 2018
So Far:$145

Oregon State University Christian Center is hosting its first ever Walk 4 Water. Why? Two reasons: First, clean water can transform a community suffering from a draught. Second, sacrificial giving can unite and transform Corvallis by giving us the opportunity to love our neighbors, both in Corvallis and across the globe. People from all walks of life and faith backgrounds are invited to come and give to a good cause. Details: When: 9:30am-12pm ish. What: We will walk 2 miles from Avery Park to the Willamette River, fill up jugs of Water to simulate walking for water in Haiti, then return to Avery Park. What to bring: Cash or check book to donate money. Goal: Drill one well in Haiti, $7500

Singing Oaks Church of Christ
October 28, 2018
So Far:$2,870

We walked for water in 2015 and 2017 and saw amazing results and wonderful benefits from those efforts.   Both shallow and deep wells have been dug along with two wells being rehabilitated.   The people in the areas of Tanzania and Haiti are incredibly grateful.   We are excited to Walk4Water again in 2018.  We have an ambitious goal of $25000 for deep wells in Tanzania and Haiti.   We will walk 2 miles to simulate part of the distance that many must walk to get water.   Come help us provide clean life saving water for 1000’s of people.

Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 10, 2018
So Far:$295
Burleson Church of Christ
November 17, 2018
So Far:$0
Lodi Community
December 1, 2018
So Far:$0

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This Year's Goal: $350,000
Raised So Far: $294,466


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Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 24, 2018
Total Raised: $3,596
Meadowbrook High School FCA
April 15, 2018
Total Raised: $13,865
Broadway Church of Christ
April 21, 2018
Total Raised: $32,948
Saginaw Church of Christ
April 22, 2018
Total Raised: $1,789
Old Hickory Church of Christ
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $10,870
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $3,973
Mid-County Church of Christ
May 5, 2018
Total Raised: $11,181
Falls High School Student Council
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $1,261
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $2,323
Broad Street Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $4,072
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $2,368
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $7,534
Central Kentucky Congregations
July 21, 2018
Total Raised: $5,038
Granny White Pike Church of Christ
July 29, 2018
Total Raised: $9,100
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 27, 2018
Total Raised: $7,878
Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 8, 2018
Total Raised: $12,448
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 15, 2018
Total Raised: $27,372
Livonia Church of Christ
September 15, 2018
Total Raised: $5,587
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 16, 2018
Total Raised: $52,913
Birmingham Area Wide
September 21, 2018
Total Raised: $43,850
Mt. Juliet Church of Christ
September 22, 2018
Total Raised: $1,445