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During this global pandemic, Walk4Water is still committed to bringing clean water to people in need around the world, but we acknowledge the need for precautions. Find and click on your walk page below to find updates about your Walk4Water event. We thank you for your support!

Fayette County Walk4Water
April 22, 2022
So Far:$112,770

In September, HHI dug a fresh water well in Kugasheigu, Ghana. The people of that village were amazed at the love and generosity of the Christians that provided that well. So when those Christians began meeting to plant a church, the people of Kugasheigu showed up and 26 were baptized on the first Sunday! When we Walk4Water and raise awareness of the millions of people in the world who don’t have access to fresh water, not only are lives saved, but souls are also saved! 

Join us on Friday, April 22nd, at Peachtree City Church of Christ for the Third Annual Fayette County Walk4Water. Check in and registration begins at 5:30 and the walk at 6:30. We will follow the four mile cart path around gorgeous Lake Peachtree which provides enjoyable backdrop for this exciting event. Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 which will build four wells. 

Register today and join us! Come be a part of this wonderful effort and let’s keep changing lives one walk and one well at a time. 

Alpha Delta Kappa Walk4Water
April 23, 2022
So Far:$4,280

The Delta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, along with other community service organizations, are looking forward to sponsoring Walk 4 Water.   We are excited to have the opportunity to help Healing Hands International bring awareness to the needs of developing nations by walking a 4 mile course.  Our society is blessed; we rarely concern ourselves with basic everyday needs.  We get frustrated with minor inconveniences that have nothing to do with life or death.  What would your life be like if you couldn’t turn on the water faucets?  Imagine walking miles to bring water to our homes.  That is a real need and real people have to face that struggle every day.  We can help by making small financial sacrifices to bring life changing opportunities.

Shoals Area-Wide Walk4Water
April 24, 2022
So Far:$34,335

Please join us to Walk4Water again in Florence. This area-wide event brings together churches from all over the Shoals area to raise funds for clean water wells in Ghana. In partnership with GWAM/W4WA, we will walk so that others don't have to! We hope to see you there. 

Richmond Area Walk4Water
April 24, 2022
So Far:$6,317

We invite you to the Richmond area Walk4Water.  Come join us Sunday, April 24, 2:00-4:00 pm at Deep Run Park as we will walk 4 miles together to emulate what others around the world have to do each day to find water. We would love to see you there with your family, neighbors, and friends. Donations and also corporate sponsorship are welcome!

This event is one of an ongoing multi-city effort by Healing Hands International to raise funds dedicated to building water wells and repairing water wells in multiple countries in Africa, India, and Haiti. The Walk4Water program has contributed to changing and saving many lives for more than one decade.  You probably will never meet or hear from the beneficiaries directly, but you are making a HUGE difference in their daily living. Most importantly you are actively helping to shape their destiny from hopeless to HOPE FULL


Metcalfe County Walk4Water
April 30, 2022
So Far:$6,273

We walked for the first time last year as a novelty. This year, we will walk because we understand the importance of sharing our abundant blessings with those who aren’t so blessed.

2021’s Walk4Water financed the digging of a well in Tobombe, Zambia. Kids who had to bring their own drinking water to school from home no longer have to do so. Those assisting in the births of babies no longer need worry about where they can find clean water.

This is the reason we will walk in 2022.

Will you help us finance another well this year?

Homewood Church Walk4Water
April 30, 2022
So Far:$11,235

Imagine going to the water faucet in your home to get a drink and nothing comes out.  You go to every faucet in your home and the result is the same.  It’s pretty frustrating, but you know it is most likely temporary.  Plus, you can just go to the store and buy a case of water to drink so no real major problem, right?  But what if you lived that scenario every day of your life?  What if you didn’t have a faucet to dispense your water?  What if you had to walk 4 miles every single day just to get enough water to drink and cook with?  Many, many people in our world face this daunting task each day and the water they are able to access is often dirty and disease-ridden.

Now, imagine how life-changing it could be for these people to have access to clean water near their homes. Not only would it help eliminate sickness resulting from dirty water, but it would free up much of their time to engage in other prosperous activities.  Homewood Church wants to be part of the solution to generate clean water for those in need.  Won’t you help as well?

Sign up to walk in and donate toward our Walk for Water event.  If you can’t walk in the event please consider donating.  Be part of the solution!

Clarksville Area Wide Walk4Water
April 30, 2022
So Far:$17,754

Alright Clarksville, TN!  April 30th, we will gather again for our 2nd annual Walk4Water event.  Join me as we jump into action to help fund Healing Hands, International, in their effort to provide clean drinking water in the name of Jesus Christ to those in need. We will do this by raising money together to drill new wells and by repairing and maintaining existing wells. Register yourself and your family today and join us on Saturday morning, April 30th, at the Victory Pavilion in Liberty Park @ 9:30. We will join as a community for a 4-mile walk in the name of Jesus. One thing that will happen as we walk side by side is that we’ll be raising awareness of how blessed we are to have clean drinking water within arm’s reach. Imagine not having that or having to walk an average of 4 miles every day for water—only to find it contaminated with parasites and full of diseases. Now imagine how life-changing it could be for those people to have access to clean water near their homes and businesses. Not only would it help eliminate sickness resulting from dirty water, but it would free up much of their time to engage in other prosperous activities. Every penny we donate goes directly to serving people in parts of the world who desperately need it. For more information or to join the cause, follow us on our “Walk4Water Clarksville” page on Facebook. Let's do this Clarksville!

Riverside Christian Academy
May 6, 2022
So Far:$8,447

The students of Riverside Christian Academy and their families will be walking to raise money for a community in need of clean water! The elementary walk will begin around 9 a.m. and the high school walk will begin around 12:30 p.m. While the walk is only open to students and their families, everyone is invited to donate! Please use the links below to contribute to this effort, and pray for its success and its impact--both on the students and the communities abroad that will be impacted. 

Troy Walk4Water
May 7, 2022
So Far:$850
Columbia Academy Walk4Water
May 13, 2022
So Far:$3,870

Columbia Academy is having its annual Walk4Water on Friday, May 13th.  All of our students will be walking in order to support those without access to clean drinking water.  Our goal is to raise $7500 to cover the cost to dig one well that will benefit up to 1500 people. You can help us out by donating to a child's class team online at this webpage or by sending in money directly to the school. Please join us in our efforts as we Walk 4 Water!

World Christian Broadcasting Walk4Water
May 14, 2022
So Far:$7,226

World Christian Broadcasting is a ministry that broadcasts messages of hope to the entire world every day from 2 antennas in Anchor Point, Alaska and 3 antennas in Majunga, Madagascar.  Staff and friends will be walking for water on May 14 for the southern region of the country of Madagascar.  World Christian broadcasts from their station in the northern part of the country.  The southern region of Madagascar is in the middle of a severe drought and famine.  People are eating cactus leaves just to stay alive.  They must walk many miles to find any water.  Building water wells in that region will save the lives of many people.  Please come and join us and help us raise the funds to build several wells that will make a big difference in the very poor country of Madagascar.

Licking County Walk4Water
May 15, 2022
So Far:$4,062
Signal Mountain Middle School
May 20, 2022
So Far:$7,495

Signal Mountain Middle School is raising money for the country of Zambia to sponsor a new well and repair existing wells.  Please support our 6th annual walk for water by donating money for this cause as we raise awareness of the dire need to make fresh water accessible to all!

Sanford Walk4Water
May 21, 2022
So Far:$125
Guernsey County Walk4Water
May 22, 2022
So Far:$4,965

Join us for our 6th Walk4Water! We walk so that we can bring people clean water for those in need and by doing so, hoping to create those opportunities to show people the living water. We want to help people see the light of Jesus both here at home and afar! Come out and walk with us as we look to make an impact from our community to others abroad!

Jackson Walk4Water
June 4, 2022
So Far:$1,500

The PWT community has it heavy in their hearts to bring clean water to those around us. Join us for our first ever annual walk-a-thon event on June 4 th , 2022 at the Manasquan reservoir. Together we can walk alongside one another to bring clean water to underdeveloped communities around the world. Help us help others. More than 785 million people globally did not have access to basic water services in 2021. Water services could range from activities such as a car wash, dishwasher, washing machine and other ways to use water without ingesting it. More than 884 million people globally did not have access to safe drinking water! For reference, 884 million people would take up (on average) 12,729 football stadiums! If those stat rocks your water world, you need to come on out and participate in this event!

Uniontown Walk4Water
June 4, 2022
So Far:$1,550
Lancaster Walk4Water
June 12, 2022
So Far:$0

Join the Lancaster community as we have the opportunity to change the world through the life-giving gift of water. Every day in developing countries, women and children walk an average of 4 miles to collect water for their family. Not only is this chore keeping the children from attending school and keeping women from developing skills to help their families and communities, but the water that’s brought back is often unsafe – leading to numerous water-borne illnesses that result in more than 829,000 deaths a year!

On June 12th, the Lancaster community will fight to change the cycle and eliminate this statistic with our 10th annual Walk 4 Water event. Together, we will walk 4 miles around the park and raise money to change the cycle and provide and maintain clean water access for communities in developing countries.

Join us on June 12th as we strive to change the world with clean water for everyone! See you there!

Rochester Area Walk4Water
June 12, 2022
So Far:$1,265
In our current upside-down world we all cry and bemoan the cost of a gallon of gasoline.  But what would we be willing to pay for a gallon of water?  A gallon of clean, safe drinking water … in a dry arid land?  How about a more than a gallon, how about an abundant source of clean safe water WITHOUT having to walk miles and miles to carry it to our home?  Priceless is the answer.  In Rochester, NY we are blessed to live within sight of the Great Lakes, the world’s largest fresh water lake system.  We are also committed to supporting the needs of others for water.  June 12th is the day of the walk, but we hope to raise awareness of the urgent need for clean safe water in parts of our world that lack this blessing.  Please join us in our effort!!
Traverse City Walk4Water
June 19, 2022
So Far:$400
Lafayette Walk4Water
July 9, 2022
So Far:$0

Every day in developing countries, women and children walk an average of 4 miles to collect water for their family.

Let's step up, Macon County! We are partnering with Healing Hands International to host a Walk4Water here in Lafayette at Key Park on July 9th. We want to make a difference in our world.

Join us on July 9th as we will walk 4 miles together to represent what others around the world have to do each day to find clean water. We would LOVE to see you there with your family, neighbors, and friends! Donations and corporate sponsorships are welcome!

Buford Walk4Water
July 10, 2022
So Far:$0
Sioux Falls Walk4Water
August 20, 2022
So Far:$0
Crossville Walk4Water
August 20, 2022
So Far:$0

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Mobile Christian School
January 14, 2022
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Rio Grande Valley Walk4Water
February 26, 2022
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Auburn Walk4Water
March 19, 2022
Total Raised: $15,311
Coachella Valley Walk4Water
March 19, 2022
Total Raised: $4,043
Donelson Walk4Water
March 27, 2022
Total Raised: $15,263
Decatur Area-Wide Walk4Water
April 2, 2022
Total Raised: $8,110
Tusculum Walk4Water
April 3, 2022
Total Raised: $8,678
Tide4Christ Walk4Water
April 10, 2022
Total Raised: $10,080