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Granny White Pike Church of Christ
July 29, 2018
So Far:$7,000

Every year we have tried for three laps, but somehow find our resting place after the second. So this year we decided on 2 Laps!! We had an awesome turnout from many groups across nashville and enjoyed watermelon after the walk. A big thanks for our devotion after; it was great to give praises to the Lord after working hard so that others might experience love and the gift of clean water!

Signal Mountain Middle School
August 27, 2018
So Far:$1,896

* This event is private and is restricted for the students only. *

Signal Mountain Middle/High School 6th and 9th grade classes are sponsoring this Walk4Water event. They are studying the importance of water to early civilizations and how these early civilizations began around river valleys. They are also looking at how water is still important to humanity today and how they can help others obtain what we take for granted. 

They are asking that their friends, family, and neighbors help support their walk by donating $16.60. That is what it costs to give 10 people water for life. Students will not be collecting any money but rather asking you to give straight to Healing Hands on this website. 

Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 8, 2018
So Far:$9,064

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, the Clinton Street church family will host its 7th annual Walk4Water event. As a result of God's good grace, twelve clean water wells have been provided since 2012 and we are excited to partner with Him in funding another well.

Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 15, 2018
So Far:$50

$17,000.00 This year's goal!
Let's get excited and determined!
Join us Saturday, September 15th for our 5TH Lawrence County Walk 4 Water. We always enjoy fellowship  with the participants, and strive to make the walk enjoyable for all with treats, and merchant give-a-ways.  Rotary Park continues to be the place for our walk at the Walking Track. 
In our previous four years over $83,000.00 has been raised and over .87 per $1.00 raised goes directly to the programs. 
Our goal, of course, is to raise money for drilled wells in Haiti, to repair previously drilled wells, and to support Haitians with our various programs such as sustainable agriculture, disaster relief, and teaching them about Jesus, and His love for them, and the everlasting "living" water He provides. 
We  cannot rest because of past works, but must push forward in this year to new works for our Lord. His children's needs never stop, and our responsibility to answer their needs continue.
Join us for the fun, fellowship, and help us raise $17,000.00 this year. Together, with the Lord, anything is possible.

Livonia Church of Christ
September 15, 2018
So Far:$85
Walk4Water Livonia is beginning its 7th year of fundraising for international clean water projects. In partnering with Healing Hands International, we plan to raise funds for the drilling and installation of a new well in Haiti. In doing so, we hope to also raise awareness of the need for clean, drinkable water around the world.
Come be part of our event. Be the change.
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 16, 2018
So Far:$1,072

Please join us for the fifth annual Bowling Green area Walk4Water. We walk four miles, the average distance women and children walk for water in developing countries. The walk raises awareness and funds to drill and repair clean water wells in Haiti.

Walk4Water was brought to the Bowling Green, KY area by the late Grant Cline, who was appalled that thousands of people die daily due to lack of access to clean drinking water.   His dream was for the people of Bowling Green and the surrounding counties to bring wells to villages in Haiti. We have raised over $140,000 in our previous four walks.

We walk for the Haitian people, in Grant’s memory, to the glory of God.  “We walk, so they don’t have to.”

The walk is hosted for the fifth year by Greenwood Park Church of Christ.

Birmingham Area Wide
September 21, 2018
So Far:$7,650
"I was thirsty and you gave me drink . . ." (Matthew 25:35).
Several Birmingham area churches are excited to partner with Healing Hands International to dig some wells in Haiti! Please join us at 6:00 at Homewood Central Park Pavilions 6&7 on Friday evening, September 21. We will walk to raise awareness and funds for the desperate need of hundreds of millions of people in the world who don't have access to clean water. The folks from HHI will have some demonstrations set up on site. It'll be a great night for your whole family, so we hope to see you there! You can also help us dig wells by giving on this site and sharing the link with your friends and family.
Mt. Juliet Church of Christ
September 22, 2018
So Far:$0
Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 13, 2018
So Far:$0
MOV Walk4Water
October 13, 2018
So Far:$625

"Join us for our 3rd Annual Mid Ohio Valley Walk 4 Water! Last year we had participants from all over the MOV walking 4 miles, raising awareness and funds to sponsor a clean water well in Haiti. Let's join together again for this cause and change the world one step at a time."

Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 14, 2018
So Far:$0
University Christian Center
October 27, 2018
So Far:$0
Singing Oaks Church of Christ
October 28, 2018
So Far:$0

We walked for water in 2015 and 2017 and saw amazing results and wonderful benefits from those efforts.   Both shallow and deep wells have been dug along with two wells being rehabilitated.   The people in the areas of Tanzania and Haiti are incredibly grateful.   We are excited to Walk4Water again in 2018.  We have an ambitious goal of $25000 for deep wells in Tanzania and Haiti.   We will walk 2 miles to simulate part of the distance that many must walk to get water.   Come help us provide clean life saving water for 1000’s of people.


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Already This Year!

Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 24, 2018
Total Raised: $3,596
Meadowbrook High School FCA
April 15, 2018
Total Raised: $13,865
Broadway Church of Christ
April 21, 2018
Total Raised: $32,948
Saginaw Church of Christ
April 22, 2018
Total Raised: $1,789
Old Hickory Church of Christ
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $10,845
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $3,973
Mid-County Church of Christ
May 5, 2018
Total Raised: $11,181
Falls High School Student Council
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $1,261
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $2,323
Broad Street Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $4,072
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $2,368
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $6,634
Central Kentucky Congregations
July 21, 2018
Total Raised: $4,738