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During this global pandemic, Walk4Water is still committed to bringing clean water to people in need around the world, but we acknowledge the need for precautions. Find and click on your walk page below to find updates about your Walk4Water event. We thank you for your support!

Gurley Area Wide
November 6, 2021
So Far:$32,923

Have you ever been sitting on the couch, wishing you had a glass of water, but at the same time thought, “Nah, I don’t want to walk to the kitchen”? You’re not alone, we’re all guilty of doing that at least a couple of times in our lives, but let me ask you, how far is that actual walk to the kitchen? Twenty, maybe 30 feet? Well, what if your walk was four, maybe five the least. Guess what, for some people not even too far from is. You can help make that walk just a little shorter though! Come join us at Maysville Church of Christ on November 6th and let's take part in making someone’s #Walk4Water just a little bit shorter by raising funds to help a third-world community in need have a water well drilled so that water can be made more easily accessible, and maybe even spread some love and the good Word, as well. We look forward to walking with you!

Tullahoma Area Wide
November 6, 2021
So Far:$7,644

On November 6th at 10 AM on the Rock Creek Greenway in Tullahoma, Highland Hills Church of Christ would like to have the community join us in our initial Walk 4 Water. We are raising awareness of the needs of other communities around the world that are not blessed to have the access we have in our community to clean water. We in the U.S. take for granted the simple convenience of the water that comes through our faucets daily, unlike those that have to walk an average of 4 miles, roundtrip, to bring 5 gallons of water for their cooking, cleaning, hygiene and drinking, daily! Money raised will go to enhance current projects and/or build another well for clean water access. Please join with the brothers and sisters of Highland Hills at Frazier McEwen Park, Ramada #2 in either walking or volunteering on the 6th of November. Donations and prayers are welcome in any amount as we continue to “Love One Another” 1 John 3:21.

Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 7, 2021
So Far:$9,297

Water is an essential part of life, yet there are still many places in this world with limited access to clean water.  The Rutherford County Walk4Water makes a life-changing difference in the world each year.  Our community comes together with the common goal to raise money to dig wells in developing countries.  These wells will bring clean water and with it, life to these communities.  Last year we were able to fund a new well in Nigeria.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be servant-hearted people who strive to make this world a better place.  Jesus said that his true followers are those who care for others, especially those who are less fortunate and in need.  In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches that to truly follow him and be his disciple means being compassionate and of assistance to those in need.  This walk is an opportunity to show compassion and make a real difference to those who are in need.  Please consider joining this cause by participating in our walk or by making a donation.

Birmingham Area Wide
November 14, 2021
So Far:$38,296

We’re excited about partnering with Healing Hands International to dig some clean water wells! Our goal is $30,000, and when we get there, we’ll be able to dig 4 wells for communities who don't currently have access to clean water! Our Walk4Water event will be Sunday afternoon, November 14, at Veterans Park on Valleydale (near Spain Park High School)--we'll be headquartered under the pavilion next to the volleyball courts. Registration begins at 1:30pm, and the walk starts at 2:00pm. Some will choose to walk the 4-mile distance out of respect for the millions of women and children in developing countries who walk this distance daily to get water, which — in most cases — is contaminated by different kinds of bacteria. Others will simply attend the event to show their support and raise awareness for this very treatable problem. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show our kids that we can make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings who are struggling. To register for the walk or to donate, please go to this link and join our team!

Moulton Community Walk4Water
November 14, 2021
So Far:$12,381

Clean water has the incredible potential to change lives forever for people living in Northern Ghana! Yearly, during the dry season, children often walk for miles to collect water from muddy dugout holes in the ground. In partnership with GWAM|WfWA (Ghana West Africa Missions and Water for West Africa), you can help change this cycle for a whole village by participating in the Moulton Walk4Water on November 14, 2021, 2-4 pm at Moulton's Alexander Mini Park (Splash Pad Park). The Moulton church community has a long history of helping those in need in Ghana, and we are excited about the hope of drilling a new well for a community in the future. 

Burleson Walk4Water
November 20, 2021
So Far:$50

We will once again host a Walk 4 Water this year on Saturday, November 20th.  Check in will be at 9:00am and we will begin the walk at 9:30am.  We use this as an event to raise awareness for the need for clean drinking water.  

This is a great opportunity to make your family and children aware of the need for clean drinking water in other places in the world, and we hope you will join us as we Walk 4 Water!

As a side note, please do not create a personal financial goal for this event.  Instead, plan to also join us for our Day of Thanks and Giving service and save your financial contributions for the collection on that day.  We will meet the overall financial goal for Walk 4 Water through the giving at that service as a part of our Day of Thanks and Giving collection.

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This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $803,552

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April 3, 2021
Total Raised: $11,709
Tusculum church of Christ
April 11, 2021
Total Raised: $9,625
Singing Oaks Church of Christ
April 18, 2021
Total Raised: $36,218
Shoals Area-Wide Walk
April 18, 2021
Total Raised: $40,009
Decatur Area-Wide
April 24, 2021
Total Raised: $16,140
Homewood Church Walk4Water
April 24, 2021
Total Raised: $31,087
Searcy Area Wide
April 25, 2021
Total Raised: $20,184
Fayette County Walk4Water
April 30, 2021
Total Raised: $52,640
Clarksville Area Wide Walk4Water
May 1, 2021
Total Raised: $17,235
College Avenue Church of Christ
May 1, 2021
Total Raised: $22,500
Mid County Church of Christ
May 1, 2021
Total Raised: $23,804
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 8, 2021
Total Raised: $3,520
Clark-Floyd County Area Wide Walk4Water
May 15, 2021
Total Raised: $9,230
West Chicago Church of Christ
May 16, 2021
Total Raised: $8,727
Licking County Walk4Water
May 16, 2021
Total Raised: $10,000
Buckeye Trail HS FCA
May 16, 2021
Total Raised: $12,137
Signal Mountain Middle/High School
May 18, 2021
Total Raised: $3,885
Wood County Christian
May 27, 2021
Total Raised: $3,240
Metcalfe County Walk4Water
June 5, 2021
Total Raised: $7,500
Franklin Community Walk4Water
June 5, 2021
Total Raised: $10,200
Mobile Area Wide
August 7, 2021
Total Raised: $22,500
Sioux Falls Church of Christ
August 21, 2021
Total Raised: $12,972
Rochester Area Walk4Water
August 22, 2021
Total Raised: $12,522
Huntsville Area-Wide Walk4Water
August 28, 2021
Total Raised: $8,007
Briensburg Church of Christ
September 11, 2021
Total Raised: $3,715
Mt. Juliet Church of Christ
September 11, 2021
Total Raised: $4,080
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 18, 2021
Total Raised: $18,865
Mid-Ohio Valley Walk4Water
September 18, 2021
Total Raised: $8,599
Brighton Church of Christ Walk4Water
September 18, 2021
Total Raised: $8,221
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 19, 2021
Total Raised: $37,242
Brentwood Area Wide
September 25, 2021
Total Raised: $10,196
Henderson Church of Christ
September 25, 2021
Total Raised: $4,054
Lincoln Park Walk4Water
September 26, 2021
Total Raised: $5,122
McKenzie Area Wide
October 2, 2021
Total Raised: $11,500
Clinton Street Church of Christ
October 2, 2021
Total Raised: $17,883
Bellevue Church of Christ
October 3, 2021
Total Raised: $24,537
Pleasanton Area Wide
October 9, 2021
Total Raised: $22,500
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 10, 2021
Total Raised: $9,650
Green Hills Walk4Water
October 10, 2021
Total Raised: $13,574
Lodi Community Walk4Water
October 16, 2021
Total Raised: $11,560
Austin Community Walk4Water
October 23, 2021
Total Raised: $45,000
Lebanon Area Wide Walk4Water
October 30, 2021
Total Raised: $32,990