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Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 10, 2018
So Far:$5,744

The Smyrna Walk 4 Water was a great success on November 10th at Lee Victory Park.  It was a beautiful fall day, but it was so cold that we changed the event from a Mache Pou Dlo (Walk for Water) to a Mache Pou Glas (Walk for Ice)!  Despite the cold more than 60 people came and walked around the park to raise awareness and funds for clean water projects.  More than $6000 was raised and efforts are ongoing. People came from the Highland Heights Church of Christ and the Smyrna Church of Christ.  What a great way to get to know fellow Christians and support a good cause.

Burleson Church of Christ
November 17, 2018
So Far:$40

Walk4Water and "Day of Thanks and Giving" have become quite a pair at Burleson church of Christ over the last several years.  For most of us, November is a month to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.  At Burleson, the members spend the Saturday morning before the big day at church the next day focusing on something we all should be more thankful for each and every day.  CLEAN WATER!  The common theme throughout the weekend is being thankful for what you have and having the joy of giving to help others.  So thank you Burleson!!!

Lodi Community
December 1, 2018
So Far:$50

Due to the devastating destruction caused by the wildfires the walk is being postponed. We want everyone to be able to focus on helping those individuals and families who are dealing with loss from the fire.

Any funds that have already been given to Walk4Water will remain credited to the Lodi Walk4Water. We are looking to reschedule in the earlier part of 2019. We look forward to seeing you then!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this devastating disaster.

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We Walk, They Triumph!

This Year's Goal: $350,000
Raised So Far: $359,513


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Already This Year!

Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 24, 2018
Total Raised: $3,596
Meadowbrook High School FCA
April 15, 2018
Total Raised: $13,865
Broadway Church of Christ
April 21, 2018
Total Raised: $32,948
Saginaw Church of Christ
April 22, 2018
Total Raised: $1,789
Old Hickory Church of Christ
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $10,870
April 28, 2018
Total Raised: $3,973
Mid-County Church of Christ
May 5, 2018
Total Raised: $11,181
Falls High School Student Council
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $1,261
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $2,323
Broad Street Church of Christ
May 12, 2018
Total Raised: $4,172
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $2,368
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 19, 2018
Total Raised: $7,534
Central Kentucky Congregations
July 21, 2018
Total Raised: $5,038
Granny White Pike Church of Christ
July 29, 2018
Total Raised: $9,100
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 27, 2018
Total Raised: $7,878
Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 8, 2018
Total Raised: $12,448
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 15, 2018
Total Raised: $27,372
Livonia Church of Christ
September 15, 2018
Total Raised: $5,587
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 16, 2018
Total Raised: $56,105
Birmingham Area Wide
September 21, 2018
Total Raised: $43,875
Mt. Juliet Church of Christ
September 22, 2018
Total Raised: $1,445
Henderson Walk4Water
September 29, 2018
Total Raised: $3,991
Westgate Church of Christ
September 30, 2018
Total Raised: $7,500
Down River W4W hosted by Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 13, 2018
Total Raised: $4,704
MOV Walk4Water
October 13, 2018
Total Raised: $3,720
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 14, 2018
Total Raised: $11,287
University Christian Center
October 27, 2018
Total Raised: $1,765
Singing Oaks Church of Christ
October 28, 2018
Total Raised: $52,800