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How can you spread hope in your own backyard?
Learn to plant a HOPE GARDEN!

During World War II people planted Victory Gardens to help with the war effort. Now that we are living during a similar time of uncertainty, many people are struggling with basic needs. While we are working to spread hope internationally, we are also offering ways to spread hope to others here in the U.S.

Consider planting a Hope Garden in your own backyard to raise vegetables for your family, your neighbors, the homeless, and your local food bank. Gardening is good exercise, provides fresh, nutritious food for your family, and creates an avenue to bless others.

In this workshop, you will learn many skills including: making a compost pile, constructing raised planting beds, and drip irrigation. Videos and resources will be made available.

Many of the gardening techniques that you will learn are also taught by HHI native trainers in eight African countries in Survival Gardening Workshops. Last year, more than 6,000 farmers in Africa learned these life changing and life saving techniques. To sponsor a Survival Gardening Workshop in Africa, contact Carl Burkybile, Director of Agriculture.

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