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"If you teach a man, you have taught an individual. If you teach a woman, you have taught a village."

This old African saying is the foundation for the Women of Hope program.

Women are the heart of their families, churches and communities, often dedicating more of their time to helping others than themselves. Healing Hands believes in empowering women in developing countries with the resources and skills they need to better care for themselves and those around them. Through several partnerships working around the globe, HHI is providing resources and education to these women to better equip them as they seek to care for their families and their communities.

The Women of Hope program harnesses the power of Christian women here in the U.S. working collectively to uplift and support women around the world. Individuals, sewing groups and ladies' classes are all working together to make a positive impact on women living in impoverished regions of the world. By committing $5, $25, $100 or whatever amount they choose on a monthly basis, women are making a difference in the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers around the world. All the money goes directly towards meeting the needs of women and empowering them to make a difference in their own life and the lives of those around them. A great example is that of Celestine. Click on her picture above to read her success story.

We are providing sources of accessible, clean drinking water. In many regions of the world women and girls are the ones responsible for carrying the water from its source back to their home for cooking and cleaning purposes. Not only is the work physically exhausting but the majority of the time the water is unsafe to drink as well. Providing these women with water filters reduces the likelihood that they or their families will get sick from the contaminants found in their drinking water. In many areas of the world we are able to drill water wells that provide not only a source of clean water but also reduce the time and physically exhausting work of carrying it.

Women farmingWorkshops are being held in numerous countries around the world training women in food sustainability skills such as composting and drip irrigation. Methods for drying and preserving foods are also taught enabling families to prepare for the "dry season." These workshops educate women on how to use their resources to provide nourishment for not only their families but their communities as well. Many are able to grow enough to feed their families and produce a surplus for selling. These workshops often include training in basic business management so the women can help provide an outside source of income for their families. Click on the picture to the left to read more about these workshops.

Business management skills are also taught in conjunction with a jewelry making workshop that seeks to provide women with the skills to make and sell their own jewelry. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings these women are producing are beautiful and unique pieces. The most amazing part is seeing these women being taught the skills to provide for their families and yet they are choosing to "pay it forward." Many ladies that have completed the workshop have given some of the jewelry they have made to HHI to sell here in the United States. The money that is made from these jewelry sales goes right back into the Women of Hope program. These women are so thankful for the skills they have been taught they are helping to support workshops in other villages!

Join this group of women that is making a difference in the lives of impoverished women throughout the world. Hundreds of women have been touched by this program so far. Those we have trained, are training others. Your help can make an exponential impact!

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