What We Do & Why

Women of Hope is a ministry devoted to serving women around the world. Currently, we are working in Ghana, India, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Each country has a unique program fit to their needs, but every person in the program is empowered. Some of the ways they are equipped and empowered are:


Agriculture Training

Workshops are held in numerous countries around the world, training women in food sustainability skills such as composting and drip irrigation. Methods for drying and preserving foods are also taught, enabling families to prepare for the "dry season." Women are educated on how to use their resources to provide nourishment for not only their families but their communities as well. Many are able to grow enough to feed their families and produce a surplus for selling.


Skills Training

Whether it is training in shea butter production, jewelry making, sewing, hair-dressing or catering, women are being taught skills that will lead to a better future. They are able to take what they learn, sell an original product in the market or make an item that will help provide for their families. 


Business and Leadership Training

Healing Hands International has developed a Christian Business Woman's Manual to be used around the world. This is a training that teaches sound business principles with a foundation of Biblical text to be used in everyday application. In July 2013, we had the opportunity to have a Christian Business Women's conference for women in Haiti, with 150 women in attendance. In 2014, we held the same conference in India and Mozambique, and in 2015 a conference was held in Baja, Mexico. At least 25 new businesses have started as a result of these conferences; businesses such as a Curries and Spices Center, Embroidered Tunics, Breakfast Center, Custom Made Baby Clothes, Matching Sarees (Saris) and Blouses and a Tailoring Center. In 2017 a conference was held in Kenya and led by two African sisters. Since then multiple conferences have been held across Kenya. 


"If you teach a man, you have taught an individual. If you teach a woman, you have taught a village." 

This old African saying is the foundation for the Women of Hope program.

Why We Do It

We believe that supplying women with a job will provide a platform for self worth, self discovery, and self confidence.

With a job, basic needs like clean water, food, and shelter are met and creativity has space to grow within the mind of a woman. Suddenly, she is able to explore the person God has made her to be, be confident in that person, and creatively reach out to other people who do not possess the same knowledge.

We believe women will use their income to send their children to school.

Every woman dreams of making her children's life better and more enriched than her own. Since we consider education one of the most powerful influences in a third world country, we believe the Women of Hope program directly influences children and their futures.

We believe women will pass on the things they learn.

The old African proverb, "If you teach a man, you teach an individual. If you teach a woman, you have taught a village" is the foundation for this program. Ultimately, the goal of this ministry is to help create small communitites of women who know the love of Jesus and understand how that love influences how we should treat our neighbors. They will in turn, go out into their own families and larger communities to share this message. 


Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Proverbs 31:30