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What is a HOPE party?

  • A HOPE party is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of women around the world.
  • As a hostess, you will invite women into your home, church building or office for about 1-2 hours. While there, your guests will watch a short inspiring video, play a fun interactive game, learn more about the Women of Hope program and how to get involved. This is an event of fun and fellowship!
  • A unique part of the party is the opportunity to buy products made by these Women of Hope. When someone makes a purchase at your Hope Party she will go home with a great product for herself or gift for someone she loves, but she will also be blessed by knowing she changed the life of a Sister on the other side of the world!

What is Women of Hope?

  • "If you teach a man, you have taught an individual. If you teach a woman, you have taught a village." This old African proverb is what the Women of Hope program is based on. By investing in women we can make an exponential impact on changing cultures and providing hope for the future.
  • Women of Hope is a ministry devoted to serving women around the world. Currently, we are working in Ghana, Mozambique, India, and Kenya. Each country has a unique program fit to their needs, but every lady in our program is empowered.
  • Some of the ways the program has invested in women are: skills training, such as jewelry making and tailoring, food sustainability, business training, and providing small business loans.

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How do I host a HOPE party?

  • Being a hostess is easy and fun!
  • We will send you a party packet with invitations and tips for the party.
  • A Healing Hands representative will assist you with any questions, setup the merchandise, and speak to the ladies at your party.
  • For more information about the parties or if you are interested in hosting a party, fill out the form below, call our office, or email Alisa Van Dyke at

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