Ukraine Relief

Late this spring, a few members of our team traveled to Eastern Europe to visit with churches and trusted partners on the ground in both Poland and Romania. HHI is abundantly grateful for the opportunity to visit these places as we continue to serve in the best ways we know how at this time. The heart-breaking stories of bravery, resilience and devastation through times of terror are all the more real when you see their faces in-person.

At this time, HHI has sent nearly 9,000 relief buckets to Ukraine for refugees. Our team is partnering with Churches of Christ in Poland, Romania, Croatia and Belarus to provide them with resources needed to care for refugees. Vans have been purchased for shuttling groups from the border to safe locations. New relationships have been made with devoted non-profits as we work together to get supplies into the hands of Ukrainians.

Looking ahead, we will continue sending containers with supplies to Ukraine. HHI will work alongside churches to feed and house refugees and their children. We will continue to sponsor deliveries of van loads with relief supplies into Ukraine and assist with refugee work at the border crossings. Ultimately, we plan to help rebuild homes and church buildings in Ukraine.

HHI thanks you immensely for your unwavering support for those in need during this time of crisis. We thank God for the countless individuals in Eastern Europe that we have had the opportunity to cross paths with, and we trust He will continue to introduce us to the right people.

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