2nd Repair Report 2019

2nd Repair Report 2019

Project Details

When we lose internet access or electricity, even just for a few hours or minutes, we often feel paralyzed and unable to function. Imagine if we suddenly lost clean water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning - how helpless would we feel? For so many families in regions of Haiti and Zimbabwe, the once miraculous gift of clean water from wells can suddenly vanish when well pumps break, which they often do after years of use.

Raising funds to repair a well may not sound like a critical cause, but it is critically important to families who have come to rely on the wells for their everyday lives. Often their livelihood depends on it. The benefits of clean water drastically change a community, but when that clean water is gone, a community can quickly regress into a state of poverty and sickness.

Healing Hands International has been able to use gifts like yours to repair 174 wells in 2019! To God be the Glory for bringing this life transformation to these communities and these souls. THANK YOU!

The Difference It Made!

Jera Charles

“It is a beautiful way [they fix the pump], I like it," said local resident, Jera Charles. "That’s what makes me stop and watch. It is a big pleasure here, what they are doing. They don’t get the water because they don’t live here, but we do. It’s a good thing, everyone local participates here, people who leave the market, who leave the clinic, everywhere, everyone participates in getting water here.” Jera has lived his life of more than 50 years in this area. High up in the mountains, time passes in a different way, he said, but water is still the same. “Water is life,” Jera said. “And for us, this water is good.”