Pack a M.A.G.I. Box

M.A.G.I. Box Packing List     Zambia Packing List

The process begins with YOU! Bible classes, scout troops, and families across the country come together to assemble each box. Some churches choose to allow each individual family to pack their own box while others ask members to bring specific items and have a box-packing party.

After the boxes are packed, they are delivered to one of our many drop-off locations along with $7 per box to cover shipping costs. From there, HHI volunteers and staff transport them to our Nashville and Carrollton offices where a crew of volunteers checks each box and packs them into crates to be loaded onto a shipping container. 

Each year, HHI takes a team of staff and volunteers to help deliver the boxes and take pictures so that we can show you the smiling faces of the children you have blessed.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the M.A.G.I. Project, email Cindy Herring ( in Nashville, or Brandi Huddleston ( in Carrollton and they can get you started.

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