Get Involved

There are numerous ways you can get involved with MAGI! Below you will find all of the opportunities and resources for you to partner with us in this ministry. 

Do you need empty MAGI boxes to pack? Submit your request using the Order Boxes button below. Be sure to see details on paying for postage of empty boxes and reminder of paying for the international shipping. 

Order Boxes 

Do you need to know what to include in your MAGI boxes? We have you covered with a packing list. 

Pack Boxes 

In addition to our office in Nashville, we have various drop-off points across the country you can take advantage of where we will come pick them up. 

Drop-off Points 

Do you want to come to the office in Nashville and volunteer with MAGI? You are welcome to bring your family, friends, church or community group to help make MAGI happen. 

Volunteer On-site 

Become a MAGI Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new MAGI Coordinator! So that we can get to know you better here from the outset, please fill out this form below. Thanks!

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