Q & A

What does M.A.G.I. stand for?

“Making A Godly Impact”

What should I put in a M.A.G.I. box?

Check this Packing List for ideas.
M.A.G.I. Box Packing List

Is there a deadline to complete our boxes?

No. We receive boxes year-round! However, if you would like to guarantee that your boxes will be shipped this year please return them by the following packing dates:

Honduras: October 1st  -  Texas/Mexico Border: November 1st  & May 1st -  Zambia: December 15th (Carrollton, TX) October 15 (Nashville, TN) 

Where do I drop off my box?

Please check the website according to your area. Drop off locations are only open in the fall. During other times of the year, send to one of our HHI offices. Include $7.00 for each box for shipping. Find A Drop-off Point Near You

What is the $7.00 for?

We average the cost of customs and shipping M.A.G.I. boxes globally. The $7.00 helps cover shipping, processing, and customs costs for thousands of boxes. 

Do we put the money inside the M.A.G.I. box?

No. Please send or give the checks directly to HHI or give to your church or groups M.A.G.I. coordinator.

Do we have to use the boxes from Healing Hands?

Yes, please use our gift boxes. They are heavy duty boxes that can withstand the hardships of international shipping. In order to save on shipping cost we prefer to mail our M.A.G.I. boxes out in quanities of 50 or 75.
If you are packing 25 boxes or less you may mail your items to us 
in individual plastic bags and we will place the items in our boxes for you.  

Can we choose where our boxes go?

Yes! When you order your boxes online, you may select where you want your boxes to be delivered. If you don't have a preference, we will send them where they are most needed. 

How do we order more boxes?

To order more boxes, please fill out the form


Can you come to our church and present M.A.G.I.?

Yes! Call our office or email magi@hhi.org and arrange for a representative from HHI to come make a M.A.G.I. presentation to your church or group.