Q & A

What does M.A.G.I. stand for? Making A Godly Impact.
In 2011, MAGI became an acronym when a father asked his 8 year old son, What do you think Magi means?. He boldly proclaimed, “ Making A Godly Impact!” That became our mission for the M.A.G.I. Box Project.

What should I include and not include my M.A.G.I. box?
Please print our brochure for a suggested checklist of gifts. {insert brochure pdf}
If there is a specific need for the children receiving your boxes, we will communicate that when you order boxes.
Please do not include: used items, military or weapon related toys, clothing or other items, or chocolate, jolly ranchers, or liquid items. Exception: small bottles of extra sealed bubbles

Is there a deadline or specific time of year to pack M.A.G.I. boxes?
No. We receive boxes year-round! However, boxes received after the following dates may be held for the next shipment. Our church drop-off points will have earlier deadlines in order for us to pick them up before the dates below.

Nashville, Tennessee Office:

Honduras: October 1st

Texas/Mexico & Zambia: October 15th

Carrollton, Texas Office:

Texas/Mexico: November 1st  & May 1st
Romania: Aug 1st    

Zambia: December 15th

Where do I drop off my box?
Bring or mail your boxes to a Healing Hands International office or church drop-off point. Find your nearest drop off point here. (link to drop-off point page)

Do we have to use boxes from Healing Hands?
Yes, we request that you use our M.A.G.I. boxes. Which we provide to you for free. They are heavy duty boxes that can withstand the hardships of international shipping.

Is there a limit to the number of M.A.G.I. boxes I can order?
No, You may pick up any amount of M.A.G.I. boxes from our office. However, we ask that you consider ordering a minimum of 50-75 boxes, if we are shipping them to you.  

Can we choose where our boxes go?
Yes! When you order your boxes online, you may select where you want your boxes to be delivered. If you don't have a preference, we will send them where they are most needed.

Can you come to our church and present on M.A.G.I.?
Yes! Call our office or email magi@hhi.org and arrange for a representative from HHI to come make a M.A.G.I. presentation to your church or group.

Why $7.00? - It's more than a postage stamp.
We averaged the cost of domestic processing & international shipping of all of our M.A.G.I. boxes to different countries. Then applied this amount per box. Below is a breakdown of what the $7 helps pay for.

Flat M.A.G.I. boxes
Thousands of M.A.G.I. boxes are shipped or delivered to hundreds of churches in the U.S. We do not charge for our M.A.G.I. boxes, only the cost to ship the boxes to you. We understand that not every church will have the means to cover all M.A.G.I. expenses and this option helps those who can't.

We have two M.A.G.I. processing center warehouses that are secured so that hundreds of volunteers can inspect the M.A.G.I. boxes and prepare them for international shipment.

International Distribution
Over 26,000 M.A.G.I. boxes are delivered yearly to Mexico, South Texas, Zambia, Romania, Dominican Republic, and Honduras.  Ships and trucks transport thousands of M.A.G.I. boxes to the countries where they will be distributed. Once there, local churches use many modes of transportation to get them to children in need, including canoes!

M.A.G.I. Supplies and Bibles
Your $7 also helps us provide supplies, protein nutrition bars and Bibles to pack in M.A.G.I. boxes that are returned partially full or with inappropriate items packed in them.

Do we put the money inside the M.A.G.I. box?
No. Please do not place your $7 donation inside your M.A.G.I. boxes. The M.A.G.I. Coordinator should collect the donations and provide them to us in one envelope.

If your question was not answered pleased email it to magi@hhi.org.