The Dorcas: Sewing for Jesus Ministry

“In Joppa there was a disciple named Dorcas; she was always doing good and helping the poor.”    - Acts 9:36


This verse sums up the servant attitude that is at the heart of the Dorcas: Sewing for Jesus Ministry. Groups of people, young and seasoned, are coming together to minister to the hurting people of this world. They are all putting their talents for sewing and working together to good use by creating shorts, dresses, diapers, blankets, etc. These handmade items are then included in shipments to missionaries, hospitals, orphanages and churches around the world. Plus, many of them fill our MAGI boxes!

Groups organize themselves differently. Some meet once a week and sew together, others sew together once a month, others sew at home and meet once a month to bring everything together. All of these are great ways to start a sewing ministry. Not all the people involved are sewers either. Many groups have those who cut patterns or fabric, size, fold, box, run elastic, etc… If you don't have a group, no problem! Some of our folks sew individually.

The items HHI can use are children's shorts, skirts, and dresses, school bags, dolls, diapers, baby blankets, knit hats, and feminine hygiene kits. Patterns are available for all of these items, but we will accept other patterns as well. We just ask that you put the size in clothing items and keep in mind that most of the clothing items are for hot climates, so they should be cool. We also send cold weather items like crocheted hats, scarves and blankets to cooler climate locations. You can send the items to our Nashville office or you can drop them off at our office in Nashville, TN. 

Small groups around the country are using their hands to show the love of Christ to people who are suffering and in need. A little Honduran girl receiving her very own new dress, a new mother in Africa given a blanket to swaddle her newborn and a mother in Guatemala receiving cloth diapers for her son...these are the blessings being delivered through Healing Hands because of the work of wonderful people committed to making a difference in the world.

Each year around May, we host sewing workshops in to share how items have been used and work on projects that are currently needed. It is a wonderful day of sharing tips and creative ways to use material-not to mention great fellowship and food! 

If you are interested in starting a Dorcas:Sewing for Jesus Group or if you would like more information about patterns or workshops, email Nancy Markwood or call her at 615.832.2000.

Patterns are available via this link: 

Sewing Patterns