Fight Hunger

Every 6 seconds, a child dies of hunger.

There is a way to eradicate poverty & hunger.

You can give dignity to the poor by teaching them life saving skills.

When you sponsor a village workshop, you empower an entire community to move from hunger to harvest.

Through our extensive network of agricultural trainers on the ground, your gift of $1,000 will provide the tools and resources needed to conduct a village-wide workshop in a key community with which HHI is partnering.

Once the training is completed, you will receive photos and stories of the lives that are being transformed.

Sponsor a Workshop

Because HHI has agriculture trainers in several countries, we are now able to conduct food sustainability workshops more frequently, with greater ease and less cost.

You and your friends could sponsor a demonstration farm/learning center for $5,000, helping to educate communities on how to feed their families and neighbors.

Sponsor a Farm