Teachers Serving Teachers

The following are some quotes from U.S. teachers who have traveled with Dr. Bobbie Solley to Haiti to train teachers. We hope that you will find them as inspiring as we do:


“Connections are being made between American teachers and Haitian teachers.”


"These sweet teachers have left fingerprints on my heart. The tears they cried were for the same reason as mine- our hearts hurt. We are friends. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are teachers."


"God is so good!! We had all prayed for receptive hearts and minds from the teachers and God answered those prayers."


"God answered my prayers. He opened the teachers’ hearts and minds to hear and respond. He built relationships where none had existed before. We have the beginning of a bond that I hope continues to grow."


"Teachers, 'good' teachers, are the same all over the world."


“The children came again today. I did a read aloud, and then Jezula read aloud. She did great! She interacted with the kids and asked them if they were making connections! We were very happy!”


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