Success Stories

We began the education program in Ganthier, Haiti in 2012.  The school is relatively new with over 250 children and 11 teachers teaching kindergarten – 5th grade.  For the past two summers, a week-long professional development seminar has been held for the teachers.  Bobbie and a group of master teachers from the United States hold the seminar.  The day begins and ends with prayer so common bonds can be formed.  Community building is a part of each day as well in order to create trust and solidify connections.  Throughout the day, effective strategies for instruction in reading are taught.  Teachers are taught interactive learning so that children can learn problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking.

Throughout the school year, Bobbie returns every 6-8 weeks to work with the teachers and their students.  Working side-by-side with the teachers, Bobbie guides, instructs and models.  Both teachers and students benefit from the modeled lessons that take place.  In addition, the teachers continue to build trust and begin to see the benefits of learning new techniques

As one school begins to grow and prosper in the area of literacy, a second school will be added.  Another team of teachers will be needed to continue the professional development begun at Ganthier.  Following a teachers-teaching teachers model of professional development, our hope is that the teachers from Ganthier will become leaders as we move on to additional schools.