Ukraine Response

The war in Ukraine continues and Healing Hands continues to respond. All of our partners are concerned about the winter months. In response, HHI sent a container the last week of September full of winter supplies and water filters. Additionally we have sourced space heaters in Poland to be distributed in Ukraine.

School has started in European countries and HHI in partnership with SeaStar Kids has provided funding for school supplies, coats and shoes for refugee children in Poland and Romania. We also provided 500 sets of bedding for a children’s home and children’s hospitals in Kyiv.

HHI has received word that the family buckets that many filled are a tremendous blessing to the recipients! They are not able to get these basic things and are so thankful to have been given these. Also, they were grateful to have received these in a bucket as they use the buckets to collect water.

Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters are amazing, resilient people and whether they are still in Ukraine or in surrounding countries, they are shining God’s light bright for all to see! What a privilege that together we are caring for them and helping them continue to shine God’s light!