Disaster Recovery Blog
Posted by Emily Lansdell on March 18, 2020
Life forever changed in the Bahamas approximately six months ago. Since the day that the devastation of Hurricane Dorian hit these islands, we have been using your donations to work with partners here and on the ground there to make a difference in the recovery efforts.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on October 4, 2019
In the Chigodora Village of Zimbabwe, people from nearby communities gathered there around a 40-foot container truck to receive a recent shipment of 265,000 manna pack rice meals.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on September 30, 2019
YOU are making a different in the Bahamas, but much help is still needed!
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Posted by Zach Bissell on July 5, 2018
Rural Puerto Rico is mountainous with roads that wind through tropical terrain. These switchbacks are narrow at times and in many parts contain deep potholes. Residents in these areas face isolation and difficulty meeting everyday needs.
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Posted by Zach Bissell on June 27, 2018
In September 2017, Hurricane Maria ripped a path directly through the island of Puerto Rico. The storm destroyed roofs, flooded homes with multiple feet of water, and created unstable foundations.
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