Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery program assists families, churches, and communities immediately after a disaster. HHI has found that people are often very open to receiving the love of Jesus during times of crisis.

See Your Impact!
HHI sent assistance to victims of Hurricane Wilma in 2005.
HHI was able to provide flood relief in the country of Togo in 2008.
Ongoing famine and political conflict in South Sudan has left its people hungry and scared. HHI sent funds to be used for an emergency food distribution in 2014.
HHI sent water filters to victims of the 2015 cyclone in Vanuatu.
HHI responded with water filters, food, shoes, medicines, tents, and funds for rebuilding homes and schools to victims of Typhoon Yolonda in 2013.
After the tsunami of 2011, one of the greatest needs for our partners in Japan was a facility to house relief workers and supplies, so HHI helped fund the purchase of a house and sent staff members to renovate this facility for use. We also provided resources for traveling relief distribution sites such as: diapers, clothing and bottled water, and hot meals.
Our disaster recovery effort in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake lasted for months. Together with our partners there we provided water filters, food, tents, and medical attention immediately following the disaster. As the months turned into years, our efforts turned toward several sustainable development efforts.
HHI responded to the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador by providing water filters and funds for rebuilding.
HHI has a long history with disaster relief in Afghanistan. During post 9/11 political unrest, our partners there distributed shoes, hygiene kits, blankets, and baby formula to families in need.
In 2009, HHI sent funds to our contacts in the city of Chennai to help with relief efforts after massive flooding in the area. In 2015, the country faced more flooding and we sent more funding to the Chennai, Nellore, and Tirupati areas for relief and rebuilding.
HHI sent funds for relief and rebuilding after the flood of 2015.
The refugee crisis of 2015 brought a flood of refugees to the country of Ukraine. Through our partners there and through another partner, Meals From the Heartland, we provided food assistance to refugees who are seeking refuge at local churches.
The Refugee crisis of 2015 has brought a flood of refugees to the country of Greece. Through our partners there, we are providing food, mentorship, English classes, clothes, first aid kits, and counseling to the refugee from many different countries every week.