As we approach the close of another year, many of us will reflect back on what has been accomplished and begin looking forward to our future plans in 2018. All of us probably celebrated some type of milestone this year. Maybe a special wedding anniversary or birthday. Maybe your son took his first steps or your daughter went off to college. 

In Joshua 4, after God brings the Israelites through the Jordan, He challenges them to build a monument to remember God’s faithfulness and mark the spot where he delivered them. At Healing Hands, we recognize each milestone as an opportunity to remember God’s faithfulness and how far He has brought us. 

You have been with us all along this journey and our milestones are yours, as well. 

Last year, HHI celebrated 25 years of ministry. How amazing it is to look back on the milestones in our history!

 In 2003, God opened the door for the water well ministry to begin at HHI. In 2018, we will drill our 1,000th water well! This milestone means that you have allowed us to give clean water to more than 2 million people in 11 countries around the world! When God began this great work, none of us could have imagined where He would lead us. Now, we look to
the future and imagine. How many million more can we reach with your help?

In 1998 a devastating famine ravaged the nation of Ethiopia. As Healing Hands responded to the immediate need with food assistance, we asked the question: “What if we teach people to grow their own food to eliminate famine in the future?” Again, God opened a door and the Food Sustainability ministry at HHI began. Just this year, we celebrate reaching 30th nation with this life-changing ministry! 

Hundreds of thousands of families have been empowered to feed themselves because of your gifts. How many more nations will God lead us to with your support?

From now until December 31st, a generous donor has offered to match DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR any unrestricted contribution up to $50,000 made to HHI, doubling your impact.

We ask ourselves daily, “What does God have planned for this ministry in the future?” We believe He has great plans 
to do “abundantly more than we could ask or imagine!” Will you continue to partner with us on this journey? Your gift to HHI’s unrestricted fund allows us to be prepared for the next door God opens. Consider investing in the future that God has laid before us and we will celebrate many milestones to come!

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