M.A.G.I. Project Blog Posts

For the 11th year in a row, HHI had the privilege of taking a group to Honduras to deliver the M.A.G.I. boxes that many of you worked so hard to prepare.
Healing Hands International recently delivered  and distributed over 4000 M.A.G.I.
Healing Hands International was blessed with the opportunity to send 800 MAGI boxes in a container to Zimbabwe and Botswana in partnership with Raphael Mthombeni who is involved with the organization, International Fountain of Hope.
The following is a letter from a woman named Selma who participated in the M.A.G.I. project for the first time this year.  
The second graders from Lipscomb Academy and their teachers drove in on a big school bus to the HHI office last week. The children delivered the M.A.G.I.


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