Success Stories

One Woman: Major Impact

Esheron McKay is one woman who was touched by the lack of clean water in this world. She knew the need was great and that she was just one person, but she also knew she had many friends and family who would match her compassion if they were only given the opportunity. So, Esheron began writing letters. In fact, she wrote 50 letters and sent them to 50 of her closest friends and family asking them to join her in whatever way they could in contributing towards a water well for a community in Sudan. Within a few short weeks, Esheron and her friends had met and exceeded their goal! Together, they have funded the drilling of two wells now and continue to work towards more. But Esheron's story does not end there. As we have shared her story, others have been inspired and have begun to rally their own friends. Countless wells have been drilled as a result of this one woman's willingness to step out in faith. What kind of impact could you make if you stepped out in faith?

Celestine Believes!

Celestine operates a clinic out of her home in Kenya. When Healing Hands International provided her with a Sawyer water filtration kit, she was skeptical but agreed to give it a try. Celestine had personally been suffering with an amoeba parasite problem before she started using the water filter. Because of the filter, she has not needed any medicine during the entire year! She is now not only a believer in the filters, but she is also distributing them to families in her community and teaching them about the necessity of clean water for their health and wellness.

Villagers Willing to "Work for Water"

Have you ever known help was on the way, only to feel devastation when you realize it won't be coming today? Brother Hailey, a local missionary in Zimbabwe, shared with us the amazing story of the people of the village of Entumbane. You see, they had been anxiously awaiting the drilling of their new water well and the day had finally come. Collecting water from a nearby shallow, open well was posing hazardous risks to their health. Upon learning the drilling rig would be unable to make the drive to them because the road was too dangerous to pass...what do you think they did? The people were so determined to have clean water that they were willing to do whatever they could in the heat of the day to make it happen. Men, women, and children were moving rocks and clearing the road so the truck could pass. So many villages are like Entumbane. The need for clean water is great. People are hurting and need your help. Would you be interested in hosting a Walk4Water in your community to sponsor a well for a village? If so, contact Sean Judge at and he can get you started on making an impact!