What is Walk4Water?

In Africa, it is said, “Water Is Life,” and we at Healing Hands International believe that everything starts with water.

How far do you walk to get water? Four miles? One mile? Or is it just a few steps to the faucet?

Every day in developing countries, women and children walk an average of 4 miles to collect water for their family. Not only is this chore keeping the children from attending school, but the dirty water they are bringing home is also killing them at an alarming rate!

On average, a child dies every 26 seconds from water-related illnesses. More children die every day from dirty water than from malaria, aids, and measles COMBINED**.

This is why thousands of people around the country choose to Walk4Water.

"We walk so they don't have to!"


What is W4WWalk4Water is a four-mile fundraising walk that began in 2007. Each event is unique and whether hosted by Healing Hands International or our partnership with you, the focus is to bring the life-saving gift of clean water to those who need it so desperately. Since the beginning of our water-drilling efforts in 2001, HHI has drilled over 800 clean water wells, bringing the gift of clean water to more than 1.5 million precious souls.

How Does It Work?

What is W4WFirst, register to walk at one of the events currently scheduled. You may register as an individual or create a team and invite your friends to join you!

Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also think that good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations work! Let people know that even the smallest gift can make an impact.

Finally, join with others in walking 4 miles in honor of those who have to walk 4 miles everyday. If you're up to a real challenge, try carrying a jerrican with 5 gallons of water while you walk. You will be surprised how difficult this is!




What is W4W

** Facts from World Health Organization



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Event Sponsors

Already This Year!

Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 25, 2017
Total Raised: $8,021
March 26, 2017
Total Raised: $8,015
Saginaw Church of Christ
April 1, 2017
Total Raised: $904
Campus View Church w/ GCSC
April 9, 2017
Total Raised: $7,209
Murray State University
April 15, 2017
Total Raised: $5,996
Broadway Church of Christ
April 22, 2017
Total Raised: $39,056
Cookeville Walk4Water
April 29, 2017
Total Raised: $8,526
Mid-County Church of Christ
May 6, 2017
Total Raised: $8,965
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 13, 2017
Total Raised: $4,047
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 20, 2017
Total Raised: $2,170
Central Kentucky Congregations
July 29, 2017
Total Raised: $7,844
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 30, 2017
Total Raised: $8,460
Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 9, 2017
Total Raised: $10,748
Bellevue Church of Christ
September 10, 2017
Total Raised: $30,680
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 16, 2017
Total Raised: $20,473
Walk4Water Livonia
September 16, 2017
Total Raised: $5,471
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 17, 2017
Total Raised: $42,946
Granny White Pike Church of Christ
September 17, 2017
Total Raised: $8,616
Henderson Walk4Water
September 30, 2017
Total Raised: $4,436
North Davis Church of Christ
October 1, 2017
Total Raised: $6,750
Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 7, 2017
Total Raised: $4,037
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 8, 2017
Total Raised: $12,806
MOV Walk4Water
October 14, 2017
Total Raised: $6,733
Three Chopt Church of Christ
October 21, 2017
Total Raised: $4,319