What is Walk4Water?

Walk4Water Group Photo- Heath, Ohio 

Every day in developing countries, women and children walk an average of 4 miles to collect water for their family. Not only is this chore keeping the children from attending school, but the dirty water they are bringing home is also killing them at an alarming rate!

On average, 842,000 people die a year from water-related illnesses. More children die every day from dirty water than from malaria, aids, and measles COMBINED1.

This is why thousands of people around the country choose to Walk4Water.

Walk4Water is a fundraising program within Healing Hands International that helps support its water ministry. Starting in 2007, Walk4Water has hosted events in communities all over the nation at schools, churches, and organizations. The goal is to bring the life-saving gift of clean water to those who need it so desperately. HHI has funded drilling for clean water since 2001 and completed our 1000th well in April 2018. Upon hitting this goal more than 2 million people will have been given access to clean water.

Check out Dr. Charles’ story of how his community was impacted by the well that the McKenzie Walk4Water provided his community.

How can you get involved?

Walk4Water Photo- Heath, Ohio

Host a Walk4Water event in your local community! It is much simpler than you may think. All it takes is passion for helping provide clean water and a little drive to get the word out.

Once you have contacted us about hosting a Walk4Water, we will post your event to our website. You will then receive marketing materials to assist you in getting the word out and forming partnerships with others who want to bring the life saving gift of clean water. Then after making plans for setting up the event and finding volunteers to help at the event, HHI will send employees on the day of the event to assist you in telling everyone why we Walk4Water.

After the event we will be sure to stay in contact with you regarding your funds and how they will be applied. After the well is drilled and we have reports from the community, you will receive your very own well report telling about the lives you have affected.

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1 source of data from World Health Organization 2015

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $2,225

HHI Walk4Water

Event Sponsors

Already This Year!

Lipscomb Academy Lower School
March 4, 2020
Total Raised: $497
Lodi Community Walk4Water
March 14, 2020
Total Raised: $9,800
Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 28, 2020
Total Raised: $20
Tusculum church of Christ
March 29, 2020
Total Raised: $179
Westgate Church of Christ
March 29, 2020
Decatur Church of Christ
April 4, 2020
Total Raised: $300
April 4, 2020
Total Raised: $2,045
Servants of Christ Campus Ministry
April 18, 2020
Broadway Church of Christ
April 25, 2020
Total Raised: $230
Buckeye Trail HS FCA
April 26, 2020
Hillsboro Church of Christ
April 26, 2020
Pine Valley Church of Christ
May 2, 2020
Fayette County Walk4Water
May 8, 2020
Total Raised: $17,230
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 16, 2020
Total Raised: $520
Licking County Walk4Water
May 16, 2020
Rochester Area Wide Walk4Water
June 6, 2020
Center Church of Christ
June 13, 2020
Lancaster Church of Christ
July 11, 2020
Total Raised: $2,615
Sioux Falls Church of Christ
August 22, 2020
Total Raised: $6,181
Mt. Juliet church of Christ
August 29, 2020
Total Raised: $1,713
Mid County Church of Christ
August 30, 2020
Total Raised: $19,078
Mid-Ohio Valley Walk4Water
September 1, 2020
Total Raised: $13,192
The Well. Community
September 12, 2020
Total Raised: $10,499
Henderson Church of Christ
September 12, 2020
Total Raised: $2,262
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 12, 2020
Total Raised: $23,275
Central Kentucky Churches
September 12, 2020
Total Raised: $3,682
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 20, 2020
Total Raised: $18,145
Livonia Walk4Water
September 20, 2020
Total Raised: $350
Briensburg Church of Christ
September 26, 2020
MacArthur Park Church of Christ
September 26, 2020
Jesus’ Global Community Walk4Water
October 1, 2020
Total Raised: $2,275
Homewood Church Walk4Water
October 3, 2020
Clinton Street Church of Christ
October 3, 2020
Total Raised: $15,910
Pleasant View Church of Christ
October 10, 2020
Total Raised: $100
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 11, 2020
Total Raised: $12,270
Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 18, 2020
Total Raised: $12,788
Columbia Academy
October 30, 2020
Total Raised: $9,256
Concord Road Church of Christ
October 31, 2020
Total Raised: $11,070
Birmingham Area Wide
November 1, 2020
Total Raised: $48,020
Maysville Church of Christ
November 7, 2020
Total Raised: $15,545
Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 7, 2020
Total Raised: $6,120
Burleson Church of Christ
November 21, 2020
Total Raised: $20,070