Troy, OH
Mid County Church of Christ
May 1, 2021
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$23,804

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Ruth Birt Visit Page
Brittany Burkett Visit Page
Vanessa Burkett Visit Page
Baby Collins Visit Page
Gracie Collins Visit Page
Julie Collins Visit Page
Tim Collins Visit Page
Rhonda Daniel Visit Page
Ted Daniel Visit Page
Ethan Dugan Visit Page



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Name Goal So Far Progress
AHG Troop 0413 $100 $40
Visit Page
Smith Family $300 $1,000
Visit Page
Team Collins $250 $300
Visit Page
Team Dugan $200 $25
Visit Page
The Daniels $400 Visit Page
The King Family $100 Visit Page
The Nix Six $200 Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
5/11/2021 Don and Nancy Collins In support of Gracie Collins!
5/5/2021 Anonymous Donor
5/1/2021 Jonathan Sandoval
4/30/2021 Hogan Family
4/25/2021 Nancy Booher
4/10/2021 Brenda Caruthers Super Excited to be a part of this great ministry.
4/10/2021 Debbie Jenkins Thank you Brenda Caruthers for your commitment to walk on behalf of this important initiatve.
4/4/2021 Lora D

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This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $803,552

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