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"Help Us Walk So They Don't Have To"

As a missionary doing rural church planting in Tanzania, I observed the daily struggle that people had to obtain clean water. Sadly, I also witnessed the devastating effects of waterborne illnesses on the vulnerable, especially young children. Our mission team felt powerless to make an impact, but we prayed for the people that we served.


In 2015, an answer to that prayer came, via Singing Oaks church of Christ and Healing Hands.  They wanted to use funds from a Walk4Water in Denton, Texas, to help our churches serve their villages.  I had the joy and honor to facilitate this project from 2015-2018, and to train a group of church leaders to collaborate with villages to provide clean water, training on maintaining wells, and education about water, hygiene, and sanitation.


While I am no longer in Tanzania, the water well work goes on—our churches have completed 20 water wells there already!  I am now serving with African Christian Hospitals (based in Searcy), and we have a clinic in Northern Ghana.  This clinic desperately needs clean water, as do so many of the villages around it (we know; we see hundreds of patients whose lives are at danger from waterborne illnesses!  And when a sister ministry, Ghana West Africa Missions, offered to help our clinic solve its water problem through the proceeds of a Walk4Water in Searcy… It felt like history repeating itself.  God was hearing our prayers!


I am so thankful for Healing Hands International for providing this opportunity, and for the expertise provided by Ghana West Africa Missions.  I hope and pray we can raise enough funds to help our clinic plus two additional villages in Ghana, and I trust that our participation together in this fundraising event will bring glory to God.

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April 25, 2021
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