Sioux Falls, SD
Sioux Falls Church of Christ
August 21, 2021
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$1,979

Water is a precious resource that is easily accessible to those of us living in the United States. This is an amazing gift that we often overlook. Very rarely do we have to plan how we will get water, and we certainly do not have to take hours of our day to go get water. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone in the world today. There are people who spend hours walking for water. This limits the time they have to be participating in other aspects of life like school, work, and spending time with family. 

The Sioux Falls Church of Christ Walk4Water’s goal is to raise awareness about what people are having to struggle with daily with to get water, along with enough money to build a well to change it. Please join us on Saturday, August 21 @ 9:00 a.m. at Pasley Park in Sioux Falls to walk to help end people’s struggle to get water. 

Event Details

Host: Sioux Falls Church of Christ Date: August 21, 2021 Walk Start: 9:00 AM Check In: 8:30 AM Location: Pasley Park (map) Address:
2521 S. Southeastern Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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Walk4Water Coordinator:
Gillian Kelley


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David Cutshall $1,000 Visit Page
Nancy Cutshall Visit Page
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Cutshall Family $1,000 Visit Page


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7/26/2021 Anonymous Donor
7/25/2021 Bruce Kime
5/6/2021 Anonymous Donor

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $366,875

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