Signal Mountain, TN
Signal Mountain Middle/High School
May 18, 2021
Event Goal:$2,500
Raised So Far:$2,395

SMMHS 6th grade students will walk for water at our track field on Tuesday, May 18 to celebrate our service project to raise awareness for the need for access to clean water.  We want to help students like us in Kamilaza, Malawi and we need you! Help us fund the replacement of the submersible pump that has broken and restore the flow of clean water.  We also are helping to fund additional tap lines to the exisiting water station to allow for more students to get water at the local primary school.    #classof2027 

Event Details

Host: Signal Mountain Middle/High School Date: May 18, 2021 Walk Start: 7:45 AM Location: Signal Mountain Middle/High School Track Address:
2650 Sam Powell Trail
Signal Mountain, TN 37377


Walk4Water Coordinator:
Sean Judge


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Date Donation From Message
5/10/2021 brielle rautmann
5/10/2021 May Collier and family
5/10/2021 Tom & Gina self
5/10/2021 Crawford Warren & Family
5/9/2021 Jacob Rhodes
5/7/2021 Samuel Pittman
5/7/2021 Anonymous Donor We love to help out so much
5/7/2021 Jared Barber
5/7/2021 Asher Cone
5/7/2021 Karen Campbell
5/7/2021 Angela Barber
5/7/2021 Grayson Summerlin and Family So proud of the Class of 2027 and thankful for the wonderful teachers, administration, and support staff.
5/7/2021 Cameron Ledbetter
5/7/2021 Eb Saunders Because it matters!
5/7/2021 Willa Provonsha & Family Way to go Signal.
5/6/2021 Lexi and Ashley Taylor Great job, 6th grade!
5/6/2021 Phillip and Corneice Hester
5/6/2021 Ben and Shelley Nadeau
5/6/2021 Brodan Lane
5/6/2021 Mason and Madison Tate
5/6/2021 Ben Allen and family
5/6/2021 Kathryn Nash
5/6/2021 Tim and Robin Ledbetter
5/6/2021 Matthew Milligan and Family
5/5/2021 Dean and Mary Hutson
5/5/2021 Evan Newton and family
5/5/2021 Terry and Deborah Nash
5/5/2021 Gabby Tonkin
5/5/2021 Bobbie Hamilton
5/4/2021 Murphy Self
5/4/2021 Colton Johnston
5/4/2021 Eliza Hardin
5/4/2021 Avery Taylor
5/3/2021 Anonymous Donor
5/3/2021 Carol Martin
5/3/2021 Sarah Corn
5/3/2021 Ingrid Dysinger
5/3/2021 The Rodwell’s
5/3/2021 Carson Howell and Family
5/2/2021 Sandy and Scottie Flynn
4/30/2021 Tom & Sandy Pogue
4/30/2021 Michael Hutz
4/29/2021 Connor Pogue and Fam I hope more people donate! I also hope this helps towards our goal.
4/29/2021 Kalli Robinson
4/29/2021 Mitch Simmons
4/28/2021 Ben Marsden
4/28/2021 Sam Burns
4/28/2021 Sandy Davis Go Cam!
4/28/2021 Barbara Burns
4/28/2021 Nancy Baxley A big thanks to Jennifer McGann for keeping this going even through a pandemic!!! This is teaching our children to be good world citizens. :)
4/28/2021 Elly Wu this is a great project Thank you McGann!
4/27/2021 Rebecca Hodgson
4/27/2021 M’Leigh Keene and family
4/27/2021 Will Stong and Fam
4/27/2021 Joe Jellison Looking forward to the Walk4Water event at our school.
4/26/2021 Jennifer McGann I’m so excited for the class of 2027 to get to experience our 5th annual Walk for Water, this time for Malawi. We hope we will have the support of this amazing community to make a difference!

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This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $222,061

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