Signal Mountain, TN
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 27, 2018
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$7,878

Make it 3 in a row!

The 6th and 9th graders achieved the goal of sponsoring a well for the third straight year!   The walk was a little different this year as students walked during certain class periods throughout the day.  The jerricans brought home the reality of how heavy water really is.  Some students were found to be dragging the jerrican along the track.

Wells will now benefit people in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe.   Way to go Singal Mountain!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
MaryClaire Blanton Visit Page
Tynan Borders $220 Visit Page
Lydia Bowen $100 $25
Visit Page
Jackson Gordon $100 Visit Page
Sawyer Guffey $50 Visit Page
Jackson Kennedy $500 $235
Visit Page
Janie Kennedy Visit Page
Ella Lambeth $25 Visit Page
Emma Rose Martin $400 $533
Visit Page
Xander Maynard $75 Visit Page
Aidan McCall $100 Visit Page
Cade Miller Visit Page
Hannah Strubberg Visit Page
Henry Tuite $100 Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
9/13/2018 Anonymous Donor Hope this helps
9/1/2018 The Macias Family Great Job Mariana!
8/30/2018 Charlie's Bea and Grandjohn
8/29/2018 Grandma and Grandpa Buck Love you Ella!
8/29/2018 Laura and Bill Kennedy
8/29/2018 The Yang Family
8/29/2018 Lynda G. Scott, grandmother of Bella Tucker
8/28/2018 Frank & Ellen Hackett (Callaway Wheeler's grandparents) Good luck, a great cause!
8/28/2018 Tinker Ma, Inc. We are willing to get involved and send staff to help.
8/28/2018 Señora Dantzler
8/28/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/28/2018 Benjamin’s BB
8/28/2018 Luke Mueller
8/28/2018 Lauren and Rachel Rivers
8/28/2018 Forrest and Amy Sowell
8/28/2018 Jbrock
8/27/2018 Britt and Laura Reynolds
8/27/2018 Ryan Gallagher Keep working hard for water for those in need, Jacob!
8/27/2018 Mollie Corn
8/27/2018 Isabella’s family
8/27/2018 The Lang Family We are proud of you Laurel Anne for walking for water!
8/27/2018 Laney Frost
8/27/2018 John & Roberta Echols Walk on, Carter Alley!
8/27/2018 Megan Naylor For Paul Gallagher
8/27/2018 Leach’s
8/27/2018 Connie McCoy and Joe Reid So proud of Jacob Naylor for his call to action.
8/27/2018 Eden Lusk
8/27/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/27/2018 Anonymous Donor Thank you students - get after it! You will not regret giving of yourself in service to others - nor will they.
8/27/2018 Hillis
8/27/2018 Mia Eldridge
8/27/2018 Charlie’s Grandad and Nonna
8/27/2018 Pa & Gma Brown Way to go, Aidan
8/27/2018 Mrs. Bergren Proud of our 6th & 9th graders making a global difference.
8/27/2018 Andrew & Eliza Baker
8/27/2018 Erica Woodward
8/27/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 Hannah Morton
8/26/2018 Adkins Family
8/26/2018 Shumpert Family
8/26/2018 Melissa and Steve Barrett
8/26/2018 Carter Livingood's Family
8/26/2018 Giannasi Family
8/26/2018 The West Family
8/26/2018 Will Evans
8/26/2018 Angie Ballew
8/26/2018 Memaw Sherry for Bella Tucker
8/26/2018 Charles Scott
8/26/2018 Harwood Family
8/26/2018 Brian and Megan Eades
8/26/2018 To Bella Tucker's walk
8/26/2018 For Bella Tucker
8/26/2018 Patel Family
8/26/2018 Srta. Haydon Thanks to the 6th and 9th grade Eagles for caring for our world community!
8/26/2018 Greg Grobmyer In sponsorship of Jenna Grobmyer
8/26/2018 Nicole Ruberti and Tim Benton
8/26/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 William Harrison
8/26/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 Pat Scherer
8/26/2018 Lynda Blanton (Nana) in honor of Mary Claire Love you
8/26/2018 Mary Jo and Jamie Blanton in honor of Mary Claire “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve”
8/26/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 Marco
8/26/2018 Papa and Gee In honor of Mary Claire. Proud of your efforts to help others
8/26/2018 the Novak's
8/26/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 Glenn and Mary Lauren Baird In honor of Adeline Ross
8/26/2018 David Martin
8/26/2018 Reggie Alley
8/26/2018 Jen Mastin
8/26/2018 Goidel Family
8/26/2018 May Mon and family
8/26/2018 Carmen Murillo
8/26/2018 Ken & Beverly Coons We're supporting our granddaughter Mariana Murillo
8/26/2018 Hannah Nieckula
8/26/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/26/2018 Richard and Karen Brown For Ross Brown....Proud you are involved
8/26/2018 Pam and Ed Leili So proud of you for doing this! Go girl! Love you!
8/26/2018 Krysta Murillo God bless you all as you support those in need!
8/26/2018 Stella and Alex Bowen Lydia - We are proud of you! May your light shine bright.
8/26/2018 Fin Dodson
8/26/2018 Grandpa and GrandMolly Darnell In support of Parker Stewart. We're very proud of you!
8/25/2018 Bobbie Hamilton To support Cade & Bridie Miller
8/25/2018 Grace Elliott
8/25/2018 Connie and Whit Miller for Cade and Bridie Miller
8/25/2018 Nancy Krebs For Cade and Bridie Miller
8/25/2018 Donna Hall In honor of Carter Downs-I am so proud of you for being a part of this project!
8/25/2018 Samuel & Isaac Bulyalert
8/25/2018 Gran and Pap Stewart In support of Parker Stewart. So proud of you and your classmates.
8/25/2018 Isaac Grant
8/24/2018 Susan Dobbs
8/24/2018 Anonymous Donor This is fantastic thank you for doing this project!
8/24/2018 Gregg Acuff Benjamin Wright asked me to donate to this cause.
8/24/2018 Chandler Sewell
8/24/2018 The Lindner Family
8/24/2018 Mimi & Papa Francescon For Carter Downs
8/24/2018 Maggie Meller For Reagan and Haddy Shaw! Good luck you guys!
8/24/2018 Adam Francescon In honor of Carter Downs. Keep up the good work buddy!
8/24/2018 Mme. Thevenet
8/24/2018 Sra. Stricklin
8/24/2018 Mrs. Whitney Thank you for continuing this fundraiser and raising awareness about the importance of clean, accessible water!
8/24/2018 Emma Rose Martin
8/23/2018 Bobbie Hamilton To support Avery Eades
8/23/2018 T. W., Laurel, Thomas, Noah & Bella Francescon Thank you for walking for such a great cause!
8/23/2018 Mom and Dad Supporting Hugh Witherspoon
8/23/2018 The Ostrowski family
8/23/2018 Nina Farris This is a great project you are taking part in....Go Carter!
8/23/2018 Team Smith FBO Olive Smith. Walk Hard!
8/23/2018 Michael Francescon In honor of Carter Downs---you make your Uncle proud!
8/23/2018 Sarah Downs In honor of Carter Downs... I'm proud of all of your hard work!
8/23/2018 Courtney, Ellen and Michelle Young
8/23/2018 The Ellis Family
8/23/2018 Alison Smiley
8/23/2018 Mark and Liz Neal In honor of our daughter, Anna Neal
8/23/2018 Henry Family
8/23/2018 Jim and Gale Wright for Benjamin Wright
8/23/2018 Nana and Gramps Neal What a great project
8/23/2018 Charlie Pate
8/23/2018 Norma C. Witherspoon This project exemplifies a "life-long" lesson for Hugh and his friends!
8/23/2018 Tate Family
8/23/2018 The McLemore Family
8/22/2018 Laura Witherspoon in support of Hugh Witherspoon
8/22/2018 Mary Hill A wonderful cause.
8/22/2018 Grandma and Grandpa For Kiley Shumpert Walk4Water
8/22/2018 Anonymous Donor Benjamin Wright
8/22/2018 Sara and Jason Wright on behalf of Benjamin Wright
8/22/2018 Isaac Grant’s grandparents
8/22/2018 Denise Wilson
8/22/2018 amish patel, bhavna patel WHAT A WONDERFUL PROJECT FOR HUMANITY. AJAY PATEL
8/22/2018 Charles and Eugenia Allderdice for Benjamin Wright Wonderful project!
8/22/2018 Nancy Baxley For my 2nd Period Honors Ancient History class.
8/22/2018 the Schleger's
8/21/2018 Susan and Jack Simmons in support of Finn Simmons
8/21/2018 Mallory Chamberlain’s Aunt Lee Anne, Uncle Greg, & cousins Samuel & Daniel What a GREAT fund raiser!! We love you, Mal, & are excited to see you soon!!
8/21/2018 Gigi and Pops Gonzales Donation on behalf of Pierce. Thanks for making an impact!
8/21/2018 EJ Novak Hi. My name is EJ. I was truly inspired by Coach Clark's message today that I took money from my savings account to donate to this worthy cause. I was saving money for a pony.
8/21/2018 Coach Clark A challenge to first period Honors Ancient History to give up 2 dollars to provide one individual with water for life!!!
8/20/2018 Mimi and Owl in honor of Finn Simmons In honor of Finn Simmons
8/20/2018 Laurie Cowart
8/20/2018 The Sycamores Water is the basis of life. Good luck with fundraising Zoe!
8/20/2018 BB
8/20/2018 PJ Awesome, thanks for doing this!
8/19/2018 Stewart Family in support of Jackson Lockery
8/19/2018 Westcott grandparents in support of Jackson Lockery
8/19/2018 Wilma and Richard (Honor Jackson Lockery) Honor Jackson Lockery
8/19/2018 Kim and Jason Lockery
8/19/2018 The Lowe Family in support of Parker Stewart
8/19/2018 Kathy Darnell
8/18/2018 Kristy and Michael Stewart
8/18/2018 Fred and Janice Long Thomas, we are so proud of you for helping others.
8/17/2018 Reagan Ellis Grandparents
8/17/2018 Ross Grandparents We're very thankful Mattie Jane is in a school that cares about underprivileged people getting clean water.
8/16/2018 The Gonzales Family
8/16/2018 Thomas Evans
8/16/2018 Randy and Allison Evans
8/16/2018 Susan and Kari Laramore
8/16/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/16/2018 Karen Lowry
8/15/2018 Parker Wilson's Mamaw & Papaw Way to go Parker!!
8/15/2018 Parker Wilson’s grandparents
8/15/2018 Lynn Swingle
8/15/2018 Parker Wilson’s family
8/15/2018 Schlosser family
8/15/2018 Adams Family
8/15/2018 Jenni Simmons
8/15/2018 Isaac Grant
8/15/2018 Art Smith made aware by Olive Smith
8/15/2018 The Foster Family
8/15/2018 Allison Smith
8/15/2018 Ramona Sumner
8/15/2018 Yekaterina Smith
8/15/2018 Lucy Provonsha
8/15/2018 Judy H. Nowlin I give this in honor of my grandson, Scout Schlosser.
8/15/2018 Charlie Griffin
8/15/2018 Meredith Ruffner I'm proud of you, Scout!
8/15/2018 Anonymous Donor
8/14/2018 Amy Kincer
8/14/2018 The Nelsons What a great project that teaches and gives back at the same time!
8/14/2018 Grandma and Pops
8/14/2018 Joe Jellison
8/14/2018 Marcie T. Beasley Thank you for teaching our children about this!
8/13/2018 Ms. McGann Given in honor of my amazing 6th grade students! Let's do this together!
8/13/2018 Angela F. Making a difference that will help others.. Hope this encourages others to do the same if they can. Ty

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