Signal Mountain, TN
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 30, 2017
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$8,460

A Great Signal For A Great Need

Looking to change lives, grades 6th and 9th came together to raise funds in order to bring clean water to a community in Ethiopia! From reading the book A Long Walk To Water, many of the students saw from Salva and Nya's perspective the difficulties that can arise within a community that is lacking a nearby clean water source. Spending part of the school day walking around the football track and trying filtered water helped focus our minds toward the opportunity to change lives across the world. A special thanks to all the kids and teachers involved along with all the parents who participated through this opportunity!

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Date Donation From Message
9/9/2017 Judy and Greg Eller For our grandson Benjamin Crawford
9/5/2017 David and Anne Shaughnessy Good luck, Matt, and keep up the good work.
9/4/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/31/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/31/2017 jay kolin
8/31/2017 Amma & Poppa In honor of Ainsley Lane
8/31/2017 Amma & Poppa In honor of Kaylin Lane
8/31/2017 Ruth Ellen Hardee Given on behalf of Halley Thames
8/31/2017 Linda Foutch Student -- Emalee Grace Rowe
8/30/2017 Eleanor Dobson
8/30/2017 Bob and Wanda Lane Kaylin and Ainsley, we are so proud of you for participating in an event that will help our world. Water is a must for everyone and you helped bring it to people who do not have enough. You probably also found out that water is heavy!
8/30/2017 Zabiereks
8/30/2017 Lyston Peebles
8/30/2017 Megan, John, and William McPherson
8/30/2017 Mary Tidwell
8/30/2017 The Sutterfield family What a blessing to those who lack what we so abundantly have!!
8/30/2017 Mary Young
8/30/2017 Katherine Thompson
8/30/2017 Shannon Farr
8/30/2017 Vicki Carr
8/30/2017 Chris Frank
8/30/2017 Anonymous Donor in honor of Ryan and Jackson
8/30/2017 Matt and Courtney
8/30/2017 Barbara Burns
8/30/2017 Amy Lowry Clarke
8/30/2017 Sallye Rich Great a Job, Signal Mountain Middle School!
8/30/2017 Salazar
8/30/2017 Gigi and Granddaddy Way to go Lauren W.
8/30/2017 Katey Rich Way to go, Lauren Williams!
8/30/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/30/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/30/2017 Lauren Williams and family
8/30/2017 Doris Williams Donation from grandmother of Emily Gregory
8/30/2017 Walker family Scarlett Walker
8/30/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/30/2017 Malynda Wollert, Tristin Dollmont, Allie Selman, Kate Humphrey, Claire webb
8/30/2017 The Hensley Family
8/30/2017 Paige Riese
8/30/2017 Riley Sapp
8/30/2017 Cara Grizzle :)
8/30/2017 Grayce Sanders
8/30/2017 Grobmyer Family
8/30/2017 Nicholas Barrett
8/30/2017 The Hilke Family
8/30/2017 Wil Loyd
8/30/2017 Pam & Morgan Rousseau
8/30/2017 Mary Smith For my kids participating in the walk - Duncan, Willa and Clara
8/30/2017 Natalie Gothard Family Go Natalie. We Love you!!!
8/30/2017 Wes and Janet Clark
8/30/2017 Shainna Rhodes
8/30/2017 Pam Smith
8/30/2017 Gene K
8/30/2017 Trisha Koontz
8/30/2017 Marquita Thomas
8/30/2017 The Bell Family
8/30/2017 Sean and Thera Thomason
8/30/2017 Carmen Vanderhoof
8/30/2017 Steve & Kyra Howell
8/30/2017 Brant and Susan Holt for Ashley Holt
8/30/2017 David Wakim
8/30/2017 Calen Toews
8/30/2017 The Campbell Family
8/29/2017 Catherine McElhinny Ashlynn McElhinny-Hommel you rock!
8/29/2017 Wende Maddox
8/29/2017 Ginger & Steve McGinnis
8/29/2017 Harmony McCarter
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Erika Burk
8/29/2017 Shannon tidwell For Katie Tidwell!
8/29/2017 Harmony McCarter
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Salmons Family
8/29/2017 Coralie
8/29/2017 GG
8/29/2017 Tally Pierce
8/29/2017 Reagan
8/29/2017 Doug and Sue Whittaker For Nathan Yeager
8/29/2017 Campbell Clarke go eagles
8/29/2017 From Juliana Opengart
8/29/2017 Hanners Family
8/29/2017 Anne McElhinny Ashlynn McElhinny-Hommel
8/29/2017 The Virginia Joneses What a fantastic project! Everyone needs clean water!
8/29/2017 Harper Family
8/29/2017 Bakers Such a worthy cause!!
8/29/2017 Rich & Lynn Holm for Riley Spoon
8/29/2017 The Goldberg's
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Surface family
8/29/2017 Caitlyn Barrett
8/29/2017 Hank and Nancy Dell Konigsmark
8/29/2017 Thomas and Maggie Quisenberry
8/29/2017 Jeff and Jessica Matukewicz for Andrew and Jonah Matukewicz
8/29/2017 McGowan
8/29/2017 Aunt Amanda and Uncle Larry Great work Gavin and all your classmates!!
8/29/2017 The Jones Family
8/29/2017 Gregg Shander
8/29/2017 Mike Quinn Way to go JD
8/29/2017 Dilan Stafford
8/29/2017 Paige Shartle Way to go Nathan and Nicolas Johnson!!
8/29/2017 Benjamin Burns
8/29/2017 Karen Pickard Alex Hetzler--proud of you, Alex!
8/29/2017 Judy and Virgil Quisenberry, grandparents of Caleb Quisenberry
8/29/2017 Weston Livingood
8/29/2017 Marie Ivey Thank you for caring!
8/29/2017 Nick Gibson To everybody in Ethiopia that has to walk so many miles every day
8/29/2017 Kathy Whitaker
8/29/2017 Gavin McGowan
8/29/2017 Beverly Patterson
8/29/2017 Tina and Doug Stines (Anna Rose McGinnis family)
8/29/2017 Lisowski Family Go Eagles!
8/29/2017 Linda Great cause Madison!
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Jenni Nemec
8/29/2017 Elizabeth B Schlaeger I'm proud of my niece, Ashley Holt, and her classmates for doing this.
8/29/2017 Sydnee Hope
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Bock Family
8/29/2017 Hamp & Sherrie Howey, Scarlett Walker's grandparents This is a great cause. We're excited and proud to see so many kids involved ~ making a difference in the lives of others.
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor Go Milo Go!
8/29/2017 John John and Nicholas Shelley
8/29/2017 Talmadge & Holly Mincey
8/29/2017 Bobbi, Stuart and Cambria Ginther Good work, Hannah!
8/29/2017 Darrell Bridges Requested by Hannah Seay.
8/29/2017 Laura & Peter Ashline In honor of Matthew & Heather Ashline
8/29/2017 Johanna Go Andrew Go!
8/29/2017 The Lane family Given in honor of our daughters, Ainsley and Kaylin.
8/29/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/29/2017 Ken & Vickie Turner
8/29/2017 Sandy McCaffrey on behalf of Madison McCaffrey Thank you for helping others.
8/29/2017 Leslie Sharpe In honor of the people of Sidama-SNNPR, Southern Region of Ethiopia.
8/29/2017 David and Nancy Thank you Hannah and Allison for working hard on this great cause.
8/29/2017 The Ellis family
8/29/2017 Laurie Aguirre Donation on behalf of Nicolas and Nathan Johnson
8/29/2017 Steve and Dee Allen
8/28/2017 Scott Crosby Ministries
8/28/2017 Rosemary & Mark Turk on behalf of Matthew Baker
8/28/2017 Jill Farmer
8/28/2017 Madison Mapes and Family What a great fundraiser idea. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us, Riley!
8/28/2017 The Pote Family What a great cause! Cheering for you Sean!!
8/28/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/28/2017 Riley Spoon
8/28/2017 Beke Nestler
8/28/2017 Elizabeth Wood
8/28/2017 James and Renee Schoettle This donation is in support of Matthew Baker
8/28/2017 Anonymous Donor in honor of Gavin McGowan
8/28/2017 Gramma Love you and what you are doing Riley!!!!
8/28/2017 Piper Beck
8/28/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/28/2017 Janet Pickard Good luck with your water project!
8/28/2017 Kelle Family thank you Addison Teas & Hannah Hensley for telling us about your school's project
8/28/2017 Karen Wyatt Access to safe, clean water should never be taken for granted. We are glad to be able to contribute to this important campaign.
8/28/2017 Todd Stinson
8/28/2017 Faye Martin Praying y'all meet your goal and more love ya Mallory
8/28/2017 Laura Michel Proud of your hard work for a good cause Andrew Milz!
8/28/2017 Hayden McLain
8/28/2017 Mack and Kay Holt This is given in support of Ashley Holt.
8/28/2017 Stevie Phillips Thank you, 6th grader Nicholas Gibson, for telling me about this easy way to make a big difference!
8/28/2017 Jack and Shelley Deaton
8/28/2017 John and Karen Ditmars Thanks for asking us to support this Katie!
8/28/2017 Kevin and Jenna Menzel
8/28/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/28/2017 The Wards
8/28/2017 Ray and Connie Milz Good job Andrew; it is good that you help others.
8/28/2017 Teddy and Charlie Combs
8/28/2017 Vicki and Steve Herndon Go Nicholas and Nathan
8/27/2017 Allison Sepulveda
8/27/2017 Vickie and Rick Griffith in honor of Kaitlyn
8/27/2017 Becky Cox
8/27/2017 The Gibson Family
8/27/2017 Marjorie Menzel Good luck Maddy & Nate
8/27/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/27/2017 Heather Murphy
8/27/2017 Al and Shannon Wright proud grandparents of Mallory Wright Love love love this fundraiser!
8/27/2017 Varner Family
8/27/2017 Steve and Laura Oles Thanks to our grandson, Luke Bergren. Your 9th grade class will go all the way!!
8/27/2017 The Newton Family Great service project! Way to go, Caroline and SMMHS!
8/27/2017 Perez Family We're cheering you on Annelise!
8/27/2017 Emmy Salsbury
8/27/2017 Andrea Hayduk and Adam Barford and Riley
8/27/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/27/2017 Chris and Tish Gailmard
8/27/2017 The Mastins
8/27/2017 Skyla Duncan & Family
8/27/2017 Milz Family Keep working hard Andrew to help the people of Haiti.
8/26/2017 On behalf of Riley Barford
8/26/2017 The Florida Barfords Riley, Your grandparents and the Florida Barfords are so proud of you.
8/26/2017 Billy This is a great cause. I love it!
8/26/2017 The Wolfe Family Go Willa Smith!!!
8/26/2017 The Timblin Family
8/26/2017 Cindy Hall For Briley and Dillia Lowry. Drink up!!!
8/25/2017 Rose Opengart For Aliya
8/25/2017 Dale and Marylou Bespalec
8/25/2017 Kelley Molavi
8/25/2017 Perez Family
8/25/2017 The Lowry Family
8/25/2017 The Pote Family What a great cause! We are cheering for you Joshua!
8/25/2017 JohnJohn Shelley Class of 2021
8/25/2017 Coach Clark's Very good looking 6th period class Cool Beans yes
8/25/2017 Grandma and Grandpa Houser One person can not change the world but one person can change the world for one person.
8/25/2017 Tom and Hayley Sesterhenn Walk for water SARA...we love you!
8/25/2017 Nancy Baxley “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa
8/25/2017 Rachel and Dan Edwards
8/25/2017 Coach Clark's 2nd Period Awesome Ancient History Class We hope this provides a great deal of water
8/24/2017 Arlina Hensley
8/24/2017 Beth Hayden on behalf of Ashlynn McElhinny-Hommel
8/24/2017 Veth Family We're cheering you on Kate Morton!
8/24/2017 Steve and Susan Greer For Andrew and Jonah Matukewicz
8/24/2017 Anonymous Donor
8/24/2017 Tracy Schuster For Addie
8/24/2017 McLemore Family
8/24/2017 Robbie Payne
8/24/2017 Chrissy Winsett
8/24/2017 Mike & Stephanie Payne For A Wonderful Granddaughter "ELLA"
8/24/2017 Wyatt Family
8/24/2017 Mimi and Bopa
8/24/2017 Mimi & Poppa for Ethan Farr
8/24/2017 Mrs. Maureen Bergren In honor of our amazing SMMHS 6th & 9th grade students raising awareness for clean drinking water!
8/24/2017 Aunt AB
8/24/2017 Joy Spinello
8/24/2017 Carol Burkarth What a good cause, Madison!
8/24/2017 1st Period Honors Ancient History Coach Clark Go Eagles!
8/24/2017 Fred Hetzler
8/24/2017 Murphy family We hope this helps support the start of jane and her 6th grade class making a difference for the better of this world we live in.
8/23/2017 Anonymous Donor For Lisa Lin
8/23/2017 Jessica Hetzler For Alex Hetzler
8/23/2017 Daniel Ottley This is for my wonderful daughter Kate Ottley.
8/23/2017 Aunt Ann and Uncle Ned This is a great cause, Maddie!
8/23/2017 Don & Jane Drumm
8/23/2017 The McCaffrey Family Wonderful cause. Good luck students!
8/23/2017 Susan Grobmyer Happy to support such a Worthy Cause for clean drinking water for ALL!!!
8/23/2017 Ms. Jennifer McGann Given in honor of my amazing 6th grade students!
8/22/2017 Judy Partlow
8/22/2017 Susan Brown For my granddaughters Ella, Brynna and Clara