Pleasanton, CA
Pleasant View Church of Christ
August 17, 2019
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$5,005
Let's Walk 4 Water !

We often hear the phrase “1st world problems”. We say this jokingly when someone is whining and complaining about a momentary lack of a modern 1st world convenience. Imagine if any one of us, you or me, truly had a third world problem. Could we handle it? Imagine walking two miles to a putrid water source and then having to haul a six gallon jug full of that water back another two miles to your home. With this water, you wash your laundry, your body, you cook with it, and you drink this water. Only to turn around and do this all over again the next day.

Although we have treasures waiting in heaven, water is life of earth. Without it our life ceases to exist. Join us for this momentous act of charity raising funds to build a clean water well for those who walk this walk every day of their lives. Come out and walk with us in solidarity for the people of Haiti who are in desperate need of clean fresh water. We will walk two miles one way and two miles back while sharing the responsibility of carrying six gallons of water as a symbol of what our fellow men and women go through in Haiti.

Our goal for our 1st annual Walk 4 Water event hosted by Pleasant View Church of Christ, in Pleasanton Ca. is $7,500, the cost to bring one well to a village of people who desperately are in need of a clean water source . If we can surpass this goal that would be amazing! Any extra funds raised go towards building more or repairing current wells.

Join us in making a difference and changing lives one gallon and one step at a time!

Event Details

Host: Pleasant View Church of Christ Date: August 17, 2019 Walk Start: 8:00 AM Location: Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail at Bernal Community Park (map) Address:
7001 Pleasanton Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566

We will walking at 9. Registration will be from 8 am to 9 am. We will have a BBQ afterwards at 11. Come out! Its gonna be great!


Natalie Mortensen
Sean Judge


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Name Goal So Far Progress
David Birdow Visit Page
Katelyn Birdow Visit Page
Stephany Birdow Visit Page
George Bishop Visit Page
Loretta Bishop Visit Page
Jalen Blueford $30 Visit Page
Justice Blueford $20 Visit Page
Ron Boggs Visit Page
Ashley Brown Visit Page
Lourdes Bruguier Visit Page
Tom Bruguier Visit Page
Tracie Dunston Visit Page
Amber Dutcher $400 $400
Visit Page
Pierpont Dutcher $550 Visit Page
Pierpont Dutcher Visit Page
David Jenkins Visit Page
Joanna Jenkins $200 Visit Page
Tami Jenkins $500 Visit Page
Chris Kearney Visit Page
Karina Kearney Visit Page
Noah Kearney Visit Page
Susan Kruse $100 Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Irene Leasher Visit Page
Jenette Lemoto Visit Page
Hugh Metzler Visit Page
Maria Metzler $20 Visit Page
Maria Metzler Visit Page
Darlene Miller Visit Page
Jackie Miller Visit Page
Jackie Miller Visit Page
Michael Miller $100 Visit Page
Mark Mortensen Visit Page
Natalie Mortensen $1,000 Visit Page
Tyler Mortensen Visit Page
Angelica Muniz Visit Page
Angelica Muniz Visit Page
Santis Muniz Visit Page
Julia Pujols Visit Page
Rich Reza Visit Page
Sandra Rinard Visit Page
Kelly Trejo $50 Visit Page
Debbie Triplett $50 Visit Page
Ryan Triplett Visit Page
Soffia Triplett Visit Page
Elena Velarde Visit Page
Priscilla Velarde Visit Page
Anthony Volpe Visit Page
Dominic Volpe Visit Page
Jeremy Volpe Visit Page
Vanessa Volpe Visit Page
Vanessa Volpe Visit Page
Aroon West $50 Visit Page
Clark West Visit Page
Ronda White $50 Visit Page
Eliazabeth White Mrurpy Visit Page
Nia Wright $400 $175
Visit Page
Nia Wright $50 Visit Page
Summitt Wright Visit Page
Tom Wright Visit Page
Agnes Yartey Visit Page
William Yartey Visit Page
Michael Yoshizawa Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Mortensen and Family $1,000 $145
Visit Page
Slow Walkers White Dunston and Blueford $1,000 $100
Visit Page
Team Dutcher $400 $420
Visit Page
Team Metzler $20 $50
Visit Page
Team Miller $200 $100
Visit Page
Team Westco Electric $50 Visit Page
Team Wright $400 $450
Visit Page
Team Yartey Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
8/18/2019 Anonymous Donor
8/17/2019 Bob and Ginger Kearney
8/16/2019 Diane Fortner
8/15/2019 Anonymous Donor God bless you all!
8/13/2019 Chris and Karina
8/12/2019 Emma Molinare And Brian Martinson
8/7/2019 Jones Family Great cause!! Thank you for doing this!
8/6/2019 Anonymous Donor Go Team Dutcher!
8/1/2019 Richard Dupree For Soffia in support of the good work of her church
7/22/2019 Denise Barr Thank you to Soffia for raising awareness!
7/20/2019 Birdow’s God bless this mission!
7/11/2019 Don & Gwen
6/30/2019 Stinky and Cuda

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $375,000
Raised So Far: $248,068


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