Parkersburg, WV
MOV Walk4Water
October 14, 2017
Event Goal:$12,000
Raised So Far:$6,733

Coming Together for a Cause

The Mid-Ohio Valley came together on a Saturday in mid-October to help people they may never meet.  Clean water is something most of us do not think of when mentioning how we are blessed.  After walking several miles and hearing how clean water is not a given for most people in the world, those who came out to the walk had a better understanding and appreciation for clean water.  The walk also gave people an opportunity to donate towards helping more people have access to clean water.  Thank you to everyone who was involved and donated!

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Dillon Burdette Visit Page
David Clouse Visit Page
Joyce Doyle Visit Page
Mike Doyle Visit Page
Doris Fisher Visit Page
Alex Gauthier Visit Page
Cody Gauthier Visit Page
Christa Goff Visit Page
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Name Goal So Far Progress
Fairlawn Baptist Church - Team HAVOC $100 $100
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Goff family $100 Visit Page
Lynn Street Peeps Visit Page
Team Blackwell $500 $125
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Team Jones $20 Visit Page
Team Smith $100 $30
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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $801,862

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