Paducah, KY
Broadway Church of Christ
April 22, 2017
Event Goal:$50,000
Raised So Far:$22,557
A Walk to Remember

What a day!  The immediate thoughts that come to mind when thinking about the Paducah Walk4Water are probably filled with two words, cold and wet.  The wind and rain tried to put a damper on the day, but to no prevail.  Participants walked with a spirit of happiness and a mindset of why they were walking.  The turnout was great with close to 250 people showing up.  A big thanks to not only the members of the Broadway church of Christ, but also to the Paducah community.  Local churches, schools and businesses really helped to Make A Difference.  

Proceeds from the walk will provide the mandatory matinenece to keep the 3 reverse osmosis systems running throughout the year.  50,000 people have access to clean water because of these systems.  The people in the communities where these systems are located are definitely thankful to the Paducah Walk4Water!

Check back to see pictures from the events.


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Walker Name Goal So Far Progress
Cookie Adams $120
Kailen Adams
Makenzie Adams $20 $20
Vanessa Adams $20
Shanna Agin
Dena Alexander
Amy Allen $100
Stan Allen
Carla Barnett
Isaiah Barnett
Phillip Barnett
Cy Blankenship
Michelle Blankenship
JaCobi Bluemlein
Jasper Bluemlein
PaShence Bluemlein
Tamara Bluemlein
Jasper Bluemlein jr.
Jonathan Bouland
Seth Bowden
Elizabeth Boyles
Lori Boyles
Eizabeth Bradford
Jaiden Burton
Jamilah Burton
LaToya Burton
Kaleb Busby
Kaelyn Buurman
Meagan Buurman
Ella Jean Byrd
Kaycee Byrd
Chloe Capron
Chelsea Cartwright
Brittany Carver $100 $45
Lyla Rose Carver
Patrick Carver
Paxton Carver
Chelsea Chambers
Chelsea Chambers
Cody Chambers
Dyan Chambers
Isabella Chambers
Jeff Chambers
Lily Chambers
Meagon Chambers
Matthew Cherry
Haley Clark
Jaelyn Clark
Jamie Clark
Michael Clark
Signe Clayton
Amy Clevidence
Avery Clevidence
Riley Clevidence
Sydney Clevidence
Cypress Jr. Beta Club $200
Alivia Coleman
Erica Coleman
Jillian Conn
Jordyn Conn
Natalie Conn
Royce Conn
Ryan Conn
Gene Cook
Joy Cook
Dax Cooper
Felicia Cooper
Laine Cooper
Tammy Cooper
Danielle Driver
Danielle Driver
Ryan Driver
Diane Duckett
Addison Dumes
Addison Dumes
Gabe Duncan
Kate Duncan
Emily Eason
Emily Eason
Hudson Edwards
Julie Edwards
Olivia Edwards
Madelyn Efwards
Robert Eidson
Carol Enlow $100
Carol Enlow
Gary Enlow
Jason Enlow
Katie Enlow
Owen Enlow
Vance Enlow
Chloe Ested
Heather Estes
Sha Estes
Jennifer Etherton
Tyler Etherton
Donna Farris
Jim Farris
Amber Foy
Lauren Franco
Ann Furr
Gaila Gay
Patti Germain
Erin Gidcumb
Gina Gordon
Katelyn Gossett
Katie Grantham
Janet Grentzer
Addison Griffin
Christie Griffin
Sutton Griffin
Robert Guinn
Donna Hadfield
Randy Hadfield
Mark Hammons
Pam Hammons
Lincoln Hardy
Michelle Hardy
MiLin Hardy
Jennifer Harris
Angela Hasty
Quinlan Hasty
Brecken Hayden
Maggie Hendon $100 $100
Logan Henson
Angelique Hernandez
Angelique Hernandez
Dana Hernandez
Dana Hernandez
George H. Hertter
Patricia Hertter
Graham Hill
Dave Hinkle
Ellen Holifield
Emma Holifield
Gayle Holifield
Mara Holifield
Patrick Holifield
Tessa Holifield
Barbara Hoyt
Garry Hoyt
Annabelle Humphrey
Catherine Humphrey
Kyle Humphrey
Oisin Humphrey
Paula Isenberg
Whitley Jason
Alaina Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Patti Jones $40
Brenda Kerley
JV Kerley
Stephanie Laird
Chad Lamb
Kelli Lamb
Kenli Lamb $10
Pryor Lamb
Beth Lane
Aiden Larrison
Alex Larrison
Jennifer Larrison
Olivia Larrison
Wyatt Larrison
Emerysn Lawrence
Hudson Lawrence
Lindsey Lawrence
Nora Lee
Hannah Leidecker
Alma Lemuz
Alma Lemuz
Joy Lentz
Buddy Lewis
Dakota Lewis
Joyce Lewis
Joyce Lewis
Justin Lewis $100
Anna Losher
Elizabeth Losher
Holly Losher
John Losher
Kevin Losher
Lauren Losher
Asher Lovejoy
Jed Lovejoy
Judah Lovejoy
Shiloh Lovejoy
Hallie Ludovisie
Alexis Ludovissie
Paul Ludovissie
Stephanie Ludovissie
Aaron Mabry
Bridget Mabry
Grace Mabry
Hannah Mabry
Jeff Mabry
Nathanael Mabry
Sophia Mabry
Staci Mabry
Macy Martin
Denise Mason
Takia Matthews
Dana McAfee
Paula Mcintosh
Chris Meeks
Jennifer Meeks $100
Nate Meeks
Nicholas Meeks
Dagan Merideth
Sydnie Midyett
Lily Moore $100 $55
Allie Morgan
Brandon Morgan
Janet Morgan
Jenna Morgan
Melissa Morris $500 $40
Ben Moss
Benjamin Moss
Daniel Moss
Daniel Moss
Stephanie Moss
Stephanie Moss
Chuck Mullen
Susan Mullen
Taylor Myrick
Cassidy O'Connor
Faith Oliver
Haylie Oliver
Cindy Owen
Dan Owen
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Palacios Sr
Randle Patterson
Mytanda Pearson
Deanna Penrod
Maron Penrod
Julie Perry
Ashley Pill
Cassandra Pill
Kate Pill
Natalie Pill
Samantha Pill
Valorie Pill
Harry Pollard
Kelsey Pollard
Tanya Pollard
Atoli Polley
Elizabeth Price
Hillary Price
Roxanne Price
Robin Propes
Audrey Pullen
Audrey Pullen
Hailee Ramage
Cinthya Ramos
Abby Ramsey
Freddie Ray
Mia Rayburn
Mary Redmond
JIll Reeves
Brenson Reid
Carson Reid
Kristine Reid
Thomas Reid
Suzanne Roach
Dalana Robertson
Matthew Robertson
Powell Robertson
Michele Roden
Mike Roden
Noah Roden
Cohen Rogers
Chris Rose
Shauna Rose
Brady Rudluff
Kelly Russell
Deanna Sailer
Jane Sheehan
Kelsey Sheehan
Jenna Shelby
Charli Siener
Angie Sio
Dillon Sio
Landon Sio
Rachael Skibinski
Raymond Skibinski
Ryan Skibinski
Sonja Skibinski
Sarah Smith $100
Zoe Smith
Deena Sneed
Henry Spurlock
Jennifer Spurlock
Lauren Stokes
John Strachan
Kristen Strachan
Kristen Strachan
Brittany Sullivan $500
Nicholas Sullivan
Andrea Talley
Arrianna Talley
Shawnell Talley
Tiara Talley
Michael Thompson
Cameron Tomkinson
Shannon Tomkinson
Zachary Tomkinson $100 $20
Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker
Sam Tucker
Avery Turner
Emma Joy Turner
Kaden Vaughn
Kailee Vaughn
Trey Vaughn
Kayla Verburg
Victoria Verburg
Ginger Walker
Aaron Warmath
Adam Warmath
Alex Warmath
Ali Warmath
Amy Warmath
Audrey Warmath
Judy Warmath $1,000
Randy Warmath
Kylie Wells
Lauren White
Lauren White
Naarah White
Tina White
Charlotte Whitley
Gabriel Whitley
Lesley Whitley
Savannah Whitley
Robert Whitlock $100
Susie Whitlock
Autumn Wicinski
Jennifer Wicinski
Ian Wilhite
Charlzanne Williams
JoElla Williams
Kole Williams
Millie Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Kendale Winsett
Lindzy Winsett
Alexandra Wisner
Aprile Wisner
Craig Wisner
Lillian Wisner
Pierce Wisner
Harmony Womack
Monica Woods
Brendan Wright
Preston Wright


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Team Name Goal So Far Progress
Barnett Family $150
Bradshaw and Weil Inc $1,820
Brookport First Christian Church $27
Calvert team $100
Carver Family $100 $45
Central Church of Christ $75 $75
Chambers catering
Clark family and friends $150 $100
Community Christian Church $100
Concord Elementary
Copper Door $1,000 $1,600
Cypress Jr. Beta Club $100 $105
Harmony Road Music School $500 $450
Hertter Goat Farm $50
Holifield Family $300
Lamb $10
LOMS Flash $200 $50
Nana's Ten4Ten $100 $40
Paula's Hot Tamales $20
Rays 4 Water $100 $260
Teachers Movin' It $10 $100
W5 $200
Warmath Family $1,000 $1,000


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Date Donation From Message
4/22/2017 Kyle & Amy Lake Wish we could have joined for the walk this year. Great cause and people. Best of luck! I know it was great despite the weather. Can't have water without rain! :-)
4/22/2017 Ray & Sandy Hart
4/22/2017 Chris & Shauna Rose May God richly bless this ministry ❤️
4/22/2017 Bill and Dianne Bailey
4/22/2017 Anonymous Donor
4/21/2017 Anonymous Donor
4/21/2017 Lee Powell
4/21/2017 Anonymous Donor
4/21/2017 Anonymous Donor
4/16/2017 Anonymous Donor
4/9/2017 Carver Family