Nashville, TN
Crieve Hall Church of Christ
April 9, 2016
Event Goal:$10,000
Raised So Far:$28,825


Aaron Palmer
Sean Judge

Event Details

Crieve Hall Church of Christ
April 9, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Crieve Hall Church of Christ
4806 Trousdale Drive
Nashville, TN 37220

On average, a child dies every 21 seconds from water-related illnesses.If you or your family could help change that figure, would you? One way to start is to come join us as we Walk4Water at Crieve Hall Church of Christ on April 9, 2016! Help give people all around the world in developing nations a chance to have daily access to clean water!

Bring your family and help support this worthy cause that will change countless lives! All ages are welcome. There will be free food after the walk and all online registrants will receive a FREE Walk4Water tshirt!


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Walker Name Goal So Far Progress
Eli Adams
Milo Adams
Owen Adams
Suz Adams
Wes Adams
Ella Tate Alsup
Hunter Alsup
Laura Alsup
Lillian Alsup
Rachel Baggott
Maureen Banton $50 $50
Addison Barcroft $300
Ann Bates $175
Julia Battles
Justin Battles
Angela Beard
George Beard
Isaac Beard
Joe Beard
Levi Beard
Greg Beaty
Kara Beaty
Kate Beaty
Shannon Beaty
Robert Belihar
Avery Bennett
Darren Bennett
Harper Bennett
Katherine Bennett
Reese Bennett
Tothany Berry
Melanie Blakley $10 $50
Candace Bohannon
Sam Bohannon
Dick Brackett
Joyce Brackett $100
Allen Bradley
Anita Bradley
Ady Kate Brooks $20
Ashley Brooks
Brandon Brooks $35
Jaksen Brooks $20
Jayden Brooks $20
Carrie Bruce
Mike Bruce
Heather Chamberlain
Lisa Chamberlain
Ansley Chase
Jenny Chase
Tim Chase $100
Donna Clark
Rick Clark
Susan Clark
Maggie Corlew
Jodi Cunningham
Jessica Custer
Libby Daughrity
Beth Dawson $500 $300
Betty Dennison
Bill Dennison
Frieda Dilgard
Adele Duncan $10
Darrell Duncan
Darrell Duncan $250 $500
Darrell Duncan
Darrell Duncan
Darrell Duncan
Darrell Duncan
Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
Hilton Duncan $10
Hilton Duncan
Hilton Duncan
Hilton Duncan
Jackson Duncan
Shannon Farough $50
Emily Feenstra
June Fisher
Doris Flynn
Heather Flynn
Janie Frizzell
Tim Frizzell
Calen Gares
Keegan Gares
Michelle Gares
Raegan Gillaspie
Hannah Glasscock
Delmore Gray
Brenda Green $200 $100
Dennis Green
Patinna Gregory
Courtney Guthrie $200 $100
Grady Guthrie
Jake Guthrie
Landon Guthrie
Nolen Guthrie
Amy Hagewood
Ann Hamilton
Bo Hamilton
Easton Hamilton
Grant Hamilton
Heather Hamilton
Jessi Hamilton
Keely Hamilton
Todd Hamilton
Breanna Hanus
Cary Hayes $115
Chandler Hayes $23
Monica Hayes $70
Don Henderson $20
Lynn Henderson
Adam Hobgood $40
Brenna Hobgood
Caleb Hobgood
Keri Hobgood
Claire Hounshell
Lori Hounshell
Olivia Hounshell
Paul Hounshell
Alanna Hudy
Curt Ingram
Jared Ingram
Buddy Johnson
Julie Johnson $200 $100
Melissa Johnson
Heather Jones $25
Matt Jones $100
Luis Juarez
Madie Kelly
Lynn King
Carol Law
Sherry Lawrence
Devin Leonard
Gwyn Loftis
Mark Loftis $100
Teresa Martin
Jeanette Mason
Rebekah May
Mackenzie McMahan
Mackenzie McMahan
Mark McMahan
Mark McMahan
Sadie Mae McMahan
Tim McNutt
Caleb McRady
Carissa McRady
Nathan McRady
Rebekah McRady $200
Tonja McRady
Bill Merry
Julia Merry
Jane Merryman
Annette Miller
Brooke Miller $25
Ethan Miller $50
Katie Miller
Michael Miller
Stephen Miller
Clay Minatra
Elizabeth Minatra $6,000
Katherine Minatra
Mary Lane Minatra
Parker Mullican
Galyon Northcutt
Gracie Owen
Kevin Pack
Lora Pack
Aaron Palmer
Albany Palmer
Betsy Palmer
Cindy Palmer $2,500
Jim Palmer
Mia Palmer
Beverly Parham $105
Mitchell Parham $25
Chris Paul
Diane Paul
Ben Pedersen
Ben Pedersen
Cade Pedersen
Cade Pedersen
Dennis Pedersen
Dennis Pedersen
Susan Pedersen
Susan Pedersen
Rhonda Pennington $500 $500
Jeremy Pharr
Rebekah Pharr
Allison Phillips
Sean Phillips $20
Seth Phillips
Janet Potts
Leigh Ray $1,000 $250
Ryleigh Rayburn
Cynthia Recker
Andy Richter
Andy Richter
Janae Richter
Kathy Richter
Kathy Richter
Will Richter
Scarlett Satterfield
Ann Schmidt $100 $40
Brooklyn Shong
Hannah Shong
Lincoln Shong
Nick Shong $500 $550
Kate Simpson $25
Stephanie Simpson $75
Ted Simpson $75
Bill Slagle
Janice Slagle
Brenda Smith
Anna Spain
Darryl Suddath
Julia Suddath
Mandy Talley $25
Paul Talley $25
Amos Tan
Nora Taylor
Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas
Al Thweatt
Albert Thweatt
Carter Thweatt
Max Thweatt
Susan Thweatt
Kimberly Tucker
Kimberly Tucker
Anthony Turner
Barbara Turner
Janice Vantrease
Janice Vantrease
William Vantrease
Pat Waggoner
Beverly Watkins
Bill Watkins
Kash Watkins
Knox Watkins
Tiffany Watkins
Kristin Wilder
Jackie Williams
Jan Williams
Tonya Wilson
Denise Winkowski


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Team Name Goal So Far Progress
Adult Class - A. Thweatt $800 $30
Adult Class - G. Beaty $800 $325
Adult Class - M. Loftis $800 $1,050
Adult Class - P. Morris $800 $40
Auditorium Class - P. Waggoner $800 $410
Chapel Class - G. Northcutt $800
Chapel Hill Church of Christ $500 $3,800
College Class $800
Crieve Hall Youth Group - 6th-12th $800 $2,675
Ladies Class - C. Paul $800 $150
Watervessels $200
Young Adults - T. McNutt $800 $351
Young Families - D. Henderson $800 $4,283
Young Marrieds - A. Turner $800 $50


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Date Donation From Message
4/11/2016 Catherine Shelley
4/9/2016 Nancy Sheppard I am sponsoring Jane Merryman.
4/9/2016 Anonymous Donor
4/9/2016 Anonymous Donor
4/9/2016 Anonymous Donor
4/9/2016 Anonymous Donor
4/9/2016 Anonymous Donor Hoping to help make a difference
4/8/2016 Anonymous Donor
4/4/2016 Sherry Lawrence -The AVON LADY We each come to the well. We each come to get our vessels filled. We each walk away from the well. Just like the gospel, we come to quench our thirst. Come. Drink. Be filled. Go forth and share what we have in our vessel. People don't care how much we know, till the know how much we care.
4/4/2016 Cindy Skinner Thanks for walking Beverly and Mitchell!
3/28/2016 Anonymous Donor
3/22/2016 Tim Frizzell
3/13/2016 The Harrises In memory of Mimi.