Murray, KY
Murray State University
April 15, 2017
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$5,996

"Racers" race for hope!

Update as of 6/12/2017

We were able to pair some donations from a youth group in Indianapolis, IN with the money raised at the walk/5k Fun Run to drill a well in Haiti.  We will post the well report once the project is complete!

In the meantime we wanted to present the first well repair report of 2017.  We wanted you to see how Healing Hands is committed to keeping the water flowing in Haiti.


Whether running or walking around the campus of Murray State University on a beautiful Saturday morning, the participants had a purpose.  The whole reason they were there was to not only bring access to clean water but also hope to the people of Haiti.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event.  Everyone walked away knowing they made a difference! #HOPE #Health #Opportunity #Purpose #Empowerment #LIFE

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Clark Adams Visit Page
Jake Akins Visit Page
Sadie Burnash Visit Page
Chantry Carroll Visit Page
Braden Cook Visit Page
Caleb Coomes Visit Page
Katelin Danowski Visit Page
Kyler Danowski Visit Page
John Gafford Visit Page
Tiffany Grasch Visit Page
Alexander Gullixson Visit Page
Lauren Hailey Visit Page
Andrew Harris Visit Page
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Donna Henry Visit Page
Peyton Hiser Visit Page
Brenda Jones Visit Page
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Andrew Kane Visit Page
Jake Littlefield Visit Page
Danielle Martin Visit Page
Laken McDaniel Visit Page
Tammy McDaniel $90 Visit Page
Jonathan Rogers Visit Page
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Caitlyn Simmons Visit Page
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Lisa Wise $100 Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Team Grandma $200 $95
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Date Donation From Message
4/21/2017 Mike & Debbie Morgan
4/18/2017 Coach DeBella
4/17/2017 Kristi Stockdale
4/15/2017 Jason Esau
4/15/2017 Sarah Kelley
4/14/2017 Kimberly, Jacob, and Charlie Shelton You're doing such awesome work, Chantry! Keep it up.
4/13/2017 Rick and Joyce Hubbard
4/12/2017 Andrew Schuchardt
4/11/2017 Ashley Traylor
4/11/2017 The Buntin Family
4/9/2017 Cathy Stockdale
4/6/2017 Taylor Fritts Kappa Delta team entry
4/4/2017 Erin Goodman
3/31/2017 steve, michelle, and olivia hawkins
3/19/2017 Jaclyn Whoberry
3/16/2017 Fairview Baptist WMU Group
3/8/2017 Vicki Williams
3/7/2017 Rosemary Boyd
2/27/2017 SigEp Team Entry
2/27/2017 Anonymous Donor Matthew 25:35
2/16/2017 Lexi Adams Bondye beni ou, Chantry!!
2/16/2017 Chantry Carroll