Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 7, 2017
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$50

I'm involved with walk for water because I wanted to help. It's tough in this country to think that people have to drink dirty filthy water. It was hard to imagine men, women, and children dying because of it.  So I got involved.  Then I went to Haiti and saw what it was like. I didn't have to imagine, because I knew.  I saw it first hand. I got to see how people were living and what they needed to do to survive.  Sometimes we have the mindset of, "If it's dirty, then why are you going to put it in your mouth."  But this is water.  It's not something they could pass up.  It's not something that they could go without.  They needed it.  And it wasn't around.  So I got to see that.  And I got to see what it took to change that.  And that was digging  and building a well.  That was the difference for me.  And that is why Walk 4 Water is something that I continue to do. Because of this opportunity to help those in need, I want to encourage you to join us in this fight to bring clean water to the country of Haiti. Register by clicking on the link above!

Event Details

Host: Lincoln Park Church of Christ Date: October 7, 2017 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Council Point Park (map) Address:
River Drive
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be provided for everyone after the walk.


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