Leitchfield, KY
Clinton Street Church of Christ
October 3, 2020
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$15,910

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Megan Beeler Visit Page
Colton Bounds Visit Page
Kristina Bounds Visit Page
Betty Bradshaw Visit Page
Garrett Claypool Visit Page
Mark Claypool Visit Page
Wanda Claypool Visit Page
Dylan Cook Visit Page
Jordan Cook Visit Page
Logyn Cook Visit Page
Andi Critchelow Visit Page
Katelyn Critchelow Visit Page
Molly Critchelow Visit Page
Brian Fertig Visit Page
Glenda Fertig Visit Page
Jessica Fordyce Visit Page
Kate Fordyce $50 Visit Page
Samuel Fordyce $50 Visit Page
Courtney Hornback Visit Page
Candace Jones $150 $350
Visit Page
Justus Jones Visit Page
Shelly Marshall Visit Page
Steve Marshall Visit Page
Chris Roof Visit Page
June Roof Visit Page
Lacey Roof Visit Page
Landon Samuel Visit Page
Sherry Samuel Visit Page
Graham Skomp Visit Page
John Skomp Visit Page
Johnny Skomp Visit Page
Jordan Skomp Visit Page
David Thomas Visit Page
Karen Thomas Visit Page
Robert Thomas Visit Page
Widlord Thomas Visit Page
Christopher Williams Visit Page
Isabella Williams Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Northside - Jeffersonville Indiana $1,000 $1,200
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Date Donation From Message
10/16/2020 Robin and Steve Atkins Mark sorry it took so long to get this to you!
10/5/2020 Courtney
10/4/2020 Robert Meredith
10/4/2020 Carmel Stuart Father God, bless this fund for fresh, clean water.
9/23/2020 Gary McClure Glad to help out albeit a bit late.
9/19/2020 Debbie and Neal
9/18/2020 James Liotta
9/17/2020 Bart and Lee Ann Glenn
9/13/2020 Troas Cleveland Being the change that I want to see. XOXO
9/12/2020 Russ Barkman
9/8/2020 Sarah
9/8/2020 Bob Meredith Thanks for the work you are doing!
9/2/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/1/2020 Kathy Breeding
9/1/2020 Courtney Hornback
8/31/2020 Joey and Jennie Clifton
8/30/2020 Larry and Ellen
8/23/2020 Sherri Minton
8/22/2020 Brian Johnson God Bless
8/19/2020 Anonymous Donor
8/17/2020 Jerry and Melanie Cornelson a cup of cold water ...
8/16/2020 Anonymous Donor
8/12/2020 Dianne Morgan
8/11/2020 Laura, Jeremey and Jocelyn Hernandez
8/2/2020 Carmel At the well for living water for the soul and the body!
8/1/2020 Keith & Becky Wishum Thanks for walking for water, Mark Claypool.
7/31/2020 Merryl Mark Claypool
7/30/2020 Kristopher Hatchell Our support goes for Mark Claypool and his yearly participation in this worthy event.
7/28/2020 Anonymous Donor
7/28/2020 David and Betty Clemons
7/28/2020 Carolyn
7/24/2020 Olivia & Carson
6/27/2020 Beverly Crawford Memorial 43rd years of marriage Dan Crawford
6/6/2020 Ed and Brenda Fite

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $2,270

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