Jackson, NJ
Jackson Walk4Water
June 4, 2022
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$4,110

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Jordan Brill Visit Page
Gregory Briody Visit Page
Audrey Calise Visit Page
Dominick Calise Visit Page
Luca Calise Visit Page
Philip Calise $50 Visit Page
Reina Calise Visit Page
Rich Dela Cruz Visit Page
Laurie Eitel $50 Visit Page
Chandler Fauntleroy Visit Page



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Name Goal So Far Progress
Walk and Talk Life Group $150 Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
6/18/2022 The Giezey Family
6/6/2022 Sophia & Andrew
6/4/2022 Adam
6/4/2022 Plays On Word Theater We love how big your heart is. May the Good Lord continue to Bless all that you do in His Name!
6/3/2022 Marlene & Michael Christopher
6/2/2022 Carol Giordano
6/2/2022 Anonymous Donor
6/2/2022 Renee Thirsty Thursday Pod Catherine, love how you continue to give back to communities and organizations that make a difference with clean water!
5/30/2022 The Loves Go Patterson’s Water Treatment Service! Philippians 4:13
5/17/2022 Patterson's Quality Water

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $600,000
Raised So Far: $615,606

HHI Walk4Water