Henderson, TN
Henderson Church of Christ
September 12, 2020
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$2,262

Photos From the Event!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Ashley Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Ellery Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Grant Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Harper Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Jason Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Whitt Deffenbaugh Visit Page
Annabelle Epperson Visit Page
Caroline Epperson Visit Page
Kelly Epperson $40 Visit Page
Rosemary McKnight $50 Visit Page
Cade Thompson Visit Page
Chance Thompson Visit Page
Cooper Thompson Visit Page
Sandy Thompson Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
10/25/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/14/2020 Somebody
9/13/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/13/2020 Johny and Donna Farris
9/12/2020 Rhonda Thompson
9/10/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/6/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/5/2020 Grant Weekley Thank you for helping provide clean water to those in need!
8/31/2020 Anonymous Donor Love what you all are doing.

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $2,270

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