Decatur, AL
Grant Street Church of Christ
April 6, 2019
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$7,316

It begins with water... Many of us in the United States take such a simple resource as water for granted until a natural disaster or tragic event strikes. Now imagine if you had to walk average of 4 miles to get that water that was contaminated by a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado. That is the daily reality of many people in the world today.

YOU CAN BE APART OF CHANGE IN THE LIFE OF OTHERS! Join us on our Walk-4-Water April 6th at Wilson-Morgan Park in Decatur, Alabama. Let us walk this one time, so they do not have to for the rest of their life!
We challenge and encourage the city of Decatur and our surrounding community to join us in walking and raising funds to bring FRESH CLEAN water to those in need. By raising $7500 we will be able to make that dream a reality. 
Let's dream big and Walk-4-Water!

Event Details

Host: Grant Street Church of Christ Date: April 6, 2019 Time: 9:00 AM Location: Wilson-Morgan Park (map) Address:
300 Beltline Rd. SW
Decatur, AL 35601

Check-in time will begin at 8:15


Robert Guinn
Sean Judge


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Cathy Armstrong $100 Visit Page
Donny Betterton Visit Page
Emily Betterton Visit Page
Noah Betterton Visit Page
Tylerann Betterton Visit Page
Erick Chaney $25 Visit Page
Ola Chaney $25 Visit Page
Harry Dobbs Visit Page
Gabi Duncan Visit Page
Becky Ellis $500 $875
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Jeffrey Ellis Visit Page
Nathan Ellis Visit Page
William Ellis Visit Page
Witt Ellis Visit Page
Kitty Ferrell Visit Page
Canaan Guinn Visit Page
Elizabeth Guinn Visit Page
Robert Guinn $410 Visit Page
Cameron Hall Visit Page
Daniel Hall Visit Page
Kathryn Hall Visit Page
Lisa Hall Visit Page
Lane Hawkins $25 Visit Page
Sky Hoefler Visit Page
Emma Jett Visit Page
Jimmy Jett Visit Page
Amanda Johnson Visit Page
Cj Laster Visit Page
Jeremiah Laster Visit Page
Sydney Laster $500 Visit Page
Collin Little Visit Page
Layla Martin Visit Page
Brayla Michael Visit Page
Cody Michael Visit Page
Elizabeth Michael Visit Page
McKinley Michael Visit Page
Jerry Nabors Visit Page
Theresa Nabors Visit Page
Joan Pirtle Visit Page
Mike Pirtle Visit Page
Hunter Puckett Visit Page
Coralie Richardson Visit Page
Jonathan Richardson Visit Page
Zach Richardson Visit Page
Landon Shockley Visit Page
Jeanne Simpson $200 Visit Page
Joel Simpson Visit Page
Tim Simpson Visit Page
Caleb Smith $100 $150
Visit Page
Ginger Spurlin Visit Page
Jere Spurlin Visit Page
Honesty Stoner Visit Page
Greyson Terry Visit Page
Jonathan Terry Visit Page
Kate Terry Visit Page
Katherine Terry Visit Page
Alan Watkins Visit Page
Alan Watkins Visit Page
Janice Watkins $200 $50
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Antony Watts Visit Page
Dana Watts Visit Page
Jessi Watts Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Grant Street church of Christ $7,500 $2,335
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Priceville Church of Christ $100 $200
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Date Donation From Message
4/6/2019 Anonymous Donor
4/5/2019 Amanda Cummings
4/5/2019 Christie Tapscott What a wonderful cause. Wanted to help. I’m one of Kate Terry’s coworkers.
4/5/2019 Teresa Bolin Good luck to all ! Good job on fundraising!
4/4/2019 Lorrie Taylor I'm a co-worker of Kate Terry. I wanted to contribute. I hope you reach your goal.
4/4/2019 The Rhodes Ladies
4/3/2019 Jonathan and Kate Terry “Drill that well! Drill that well!”
4/3/2019 Tony, DANA, and Jessi
4/3/2019 Roger Ferrell
3/26/2019 Ann Copeland
3/11/2019 Kitty Ferrell
3/8/2019 John Hoskins
2/17/2019 Anonymous Donor

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $375,000
Raised So Far: $79,481


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