Bradford, AR
Bradford Walk4Water
September 28, 2019
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$0
...”Please, a little water. I’m thirsty “... Judges 4:19.
It begins with water...many of us in the United States take such a simple resource as water for granted until a natural disaster or tragic event strikes. Imagine if you had to walk an average of 4 miles to get that water that was contaminated and killing your family at an alarming rate. This is a daily routine for many women and children around the world today.
Now imagine how life-changing it could be for these people to have access to clean water near their homes and businesses. Not only would it eliminate sickness resulting from dirty water, but it would free up much of their time to engage in other prosperous activities, like attending school.
Crossroads Church of Christ wants to be part of the solution to generate clean water for those in need. Won’t you help as well?
...”I was thirsty and you gave me a drink”...”Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me”...Matthew 25:35,40.
Please join us as a community to walk4water, so “they don’t have to!” Registration starts at 9:30am and the walk will begin at 10:00 am, September 28,2019. We will use the walking track at McKinley Goad Park-Sports Complex.

Event Details

Host: Bradford Walk4Water Date: September 28, 2019 Walk Start: 10:00 AM Location: McKinley Goad Park- Sports Complex Address:
SE Front St.
Bradford, AR 72020

Check-in and T-shirts will start at 9:30am.  The walk will start at 10am.  Look forward to you join us for the 1st walk in Bradford.


Melaine McCall
Sean Judge


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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $375,000
Raised So Far: $249,333


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