Bowling Green, KY
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 20, 2020
Event Goal:$37,500
Raised So Far:$18,025

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on September 20th and going through October 4th

The Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water is still going to happen this year!  Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not able to have the in person event at Preston Miller Park.  No worries, we can still walk and still make a difference!  Starting Sunday September 20th and going through Sunday October 4th you can do a 4 mile walk and raise awareness in your neighborhood, at a park, or wherever.  Register online by Sunday September 13th and we will get you a walk t-shirt that you can wear as you walk.  Spread the word to as many people as you can and give them the opportunity to particpate and donate along side of you.  We may be physically apart but we are still together in spirit.  The need for clean water is still there for people around the world and in a world wide pandemic the need is greater.  Bowling Green let's keep our tradition of making a difference by bringing more people access to clean water.  Check out the event details for more information on what you need to do.

Event Details

Host: Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water Date: September 20, 2020 Walk Start: 9:00 AM Address:
Bowling Green, KY
  •  If you are participating locally you will receive your Walk4Water T-shirt prior to our virtual walk.  In order to get a t-shirt you must register by the end of the day on Sunday September 13th. 
  •  If you are not local, we still want you to join us!
  •  Between September 20th and October 4th, take a four mile walk!
  •  When determining your route please comply with any social distancing recommendations in your community or wherever you may be.
  •  Take a pic or video of yourself, your family or your group during your walk wearing your Walk4Water t-shirt:
    - Get pictures to Windy Cline
    - Share to your Facebook page or Instagram with the following hashtags #VirtualWalk4Water #BGKYWalk4Water #ChangetheCycle #ItAllBeginsWithWater
  •  Remember, there is no charge or donations required to walk, but if you would like to give or have someone sponsor your walk, you can still do so through the walk website


Local Coordinator:
Windy Cline
Walk4Water Coordinator:
Sean Judge

Photos from Last Year!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Christina Addington $250 Visit Page
Nick Addington Visit Page
Antonia Baeker Visit Page
Hal Blair Visit Page
Chad Byrd Visit Page
Jessica Byrd Visit Page
Hannah Chalfant Visit Page
Mike Chalfant Visit Page
Vonda Chalfant $150 Visit Page
Alex Cline Visit Page
Windy Cline $2,300 Visit Page
Lydia Cowles $20 Visit Page
Ryan Cowles $20 Visit Page
Samuel Cowles Visit Page
Blane Embry Visit Page
Bret Embry Visit Page
Debbie Embry $100 $100
Visit Page
Harper Embry Visit Page
Katie Embry $100 Visit Page
Lane Embry $150 Visit Page
Lillie Embry Visit Page
Payton Embry Visit Page
Cristina Fiero Visit Page
David Hamilton Visit Page
Emma Hamilton Visit Page
Kimberly Hamilton Visit Page
Sarah Hamilton Visit Page
Addie Heffinger Visit Page
Avery Heffinger Visit Page
Harper Heffinger Visit Page
Jessica Heffinger Visit Page
Josh Heffinger $50 Visit Page
Gail Hiles Visit Page
Matthew Hovey Visit Page
Sandra Hurt $25 Visit Page
Amanda Jones Visit Page
Luke Jones $40 Visit Page
Matt Jones Visit Page
Mav Jones $40 Visit Page
Val Jones Visit Page
Zoe Jones $40 Visit Page
Becky Martin Visit Page
Jeff Martin Visit Page
Cindy Matlock Visit Page
Cindy Matlock Visit Page
Cove Matlock Visit Page
Ed Matlock Visit Page
Eden Matlock Visit Page
Gage Matlock Visit Page
Haven Matlock Visit Page
Heath Matlock Visit Page
Jana Matlock Visit Page
Lindsey Matlock Visit Page
Livvy Matlock Visit Page
Reed Matlock Visit Page
Seth Matlock Visit Page
Sutton Matlock Visit Page
Taylor Matlock Visit Page
Emmy Miller Visit Page
Anna Beth Nelson Visit Page
Ella Kate Nelson Visit Page
Gracie Nelson Visit Page
Matt Nelson Visit Page
Michelle Nelson Visit Page
Raymond Newton $100 Visit Page
AJ Oliver Visit Page
Amy Oliver $100 Visit Page
Cefadson Oliver Visit Page
Cefanette Oliver Visit Page
Nate Oliver Visit Page
Nick Oliver Visit Page
Sherry Parrish Visit Page
Caeleb Pasley Visit Page
Chris Pasley Visit Page
Landon Pasley Visit Page
Misty Pasley Visit Page
Shyanne Pasley Visit Page
Amy Kate Peppers Visit Page
Jon Peppers Visit Page
Joseph Peppers $1,040 Visit Page
Levi Peppers $1,040 Visit Page
Scott Ramsey Visit Page
Valeda Ramsey Visit Page
Elizabeth Riggs Visit Page
Michael Riggs Visit Page
Lori Watkins Visit Page
Mary Weston Visit Page
Steve White $500 $200
Visit Page
Jo Wilson Visit Page
Wildon Wilson Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Heffinger Family $100 Visit Page
Jones crew $150 $195
Visit Page
Peppers Posse $150 $2,080
Visit Page
The Chalfant Family $150 Visit Page
The Nelson Family $100 Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
10/18/2020 The Hill's From Carter, Sydney, Ethan and Mom & Dad.
10/13/2020 The Moore Family
10/4/2020 Steve and Joy Guess
10/4/2020 Tricia Alsup
10/3/2020 Scott & Valeda Ramsey May God continue to bless the efforts of the much needed ministry.
9/27/2020 Todd Gibbs Thanks for all your doing to bring clean water to so many!
9/27/2020 Derek & Tabitha Gray
9/27/2020 Kenneth and Lori Grizzell Blessings!
9/27/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/27/2020 George Elliott
9/27/2020 Steve & Patti Simmons Healing Hands continues to help others around the world despite these crazy times. They need our support now more than ever. God is Good and he is in control.
9/22/2020 Mark and Wanda Claypool In honor of God's servants Grant and Windy Cline
9/20/2020 Susan and Shannon Pardue
9/20/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/18/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/13/2020 Gail Hiles
9/13/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/10/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/4/2020 Riggs Family What you do is wonderful work!

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It All Begins With Water!

This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $254,548

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