Austin, TX
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 11, 2020
Event Goal:$7,500
Raised So Far:$9,070

Virtual Walk4Water starting on Sunday October 11th and going through Sunday October 25th


Brentwood Oaks' 8th annual Walk4Water is still happening this year!
We want to keep everyone safe from Covid, but we still want to make a difference in the lives of so many who still do not have clean water.
So, we will have a VIRTUAL walk this year!
Here's how it will work: Once you register, a tshirt will be sent for each person that you register along with a video that tells you all the information that you usually hear at the walk. REGISTRATION closed on October 4th in order to recieve a shirt, but you can still register to walk! You will have two weeks to do a 4 mile walk (or however far you are able to walk) in your neighborhood, on the church property, in a park, wherever you choose!  If you have family members or friends that you are comfortable walking with, feel free!  It's up to you! Spread the word to as many people as you can and give them the opportunity to donate alongside you.
This is a cherished annual event at Brentwood.  Espeially during Covid, we want to continue to spread the good news of Jesus through clean water.


Event Details

Host: Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ Date: October 11, 2020 Walk Start: 2:00 AM Location: Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ (map) Address:
11908 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753
  •  If you are participating locally you will receive your Walk4Water T-shirt prior to our virtual walk.  In order to get a t-shirt you must register by the end of the day on Sunday October 4th. You are more than welcome to still register after the 4th but will not recieve a shirt.
  •  If you are not local, we still want you to join us!
  •  Between Sunday October 11th and Sunday October 25th, take a four mile walk!
  •  When determining your route please comply with any social distancing recommendations in your community or wherever you may be.
  •  Take a pic or video of yourself, your family or your group during your walk wearing your Walk4Water t-shirt:
    - Get pictures to Janice Fuller
    - Share to your Facebook page or Instagram with the following hashtags #VirtualWalk4Water #BrentwoodOaksWalk4Water #ChangetheCycle #ItAllBeginsWithWater
  •  Remember, there is no charge or donations required to walk, but if you would like to give or have someone sponsor your walk, you can still do so through the registration page


Local Coordinator:
Janice Fuller
Walk4Water Coordinator:
Sean Judge

Photos from Last Year!


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Jared Adams Visit Page
Lisa Adams Visit Page
Lou Alexander Visit Page
Ben Bailey Visit Page
Larry Bailey $150 Visit Page
Melissa Bailey Visit Page
Faith Bergeron Visit Page
Ron Bergeron $50 Visit Page
Michelle Blackmon-Warren Visit Page
Larry Boyd $50 Visit Page
Mark Broadway Visit Page
Michele Broadway Visit Page
Melanie Brock $100 Visit Page
Tim Brock Visit Page
Trisha Brock Visit Page
Trisha Brock Visit Page
Eleanor Bryant $50 Visit Page
Dottie Caffey $10 Visit Page
Kendra Caffey $10 Visit Page
Susan Chambers Visit Page
Benjamin Copeland $165 Visit Page
Christa Copeland Visit Page
Haiden Copeland Visit Page
Jack Copeland $165 Visit Page
Kelly Copeland Visit Page
Todd Copeland Visit Page
Donovan Davis Visit Page
Jeanette Davis Visit Page
Alissa Doyle $250 Visit Page
Andrew Doyle Visit Page
Hailey Doyle Visit Page
Kennedy Drennon Visit Page
Lleyton Drennon Visit Page
Megan Drennon Visit Page
Tim Drennon Visit Page
Dawn Esche $100 Visit Page
Jack Esche Visit Page
Nathan Esche Visit Page
Steve Esche Visit Page
Jill Farmer Visit Page
Joe Farmer Visit Page
Jerry Fowler Visit Page
Pam Fowler Visit Page
Janice Fuller $125 Visit Page
Steve Fuller Visit Page
Debbie Holman Visit Page
Kurt Holman Visit Page
Billie Jempty $400 $205
Visit Page
Luanne Jones Visit Page
Russell Larson Visit Page
Tammy Larson Visit Page
Michelle Latson $100 Visit Page
Julia Lennous Visit Page
Paul Lennous Visit Page
Paul Lennous Visit Page
Jackson Loeve Visit Page
Lori Loeve $40 Visit Page
Sarah Loeve Visit Page
Sarah McBride Visit Page
Jolene McCormick $100 $40
Visit Page
Michael McCormick Visit Page
Carla McQueen $50 $50
Visit Page
Margie McVey $100 Visit Page
Steve McVey Visit Page
Dan Merrell $100 $100
Visit Page
Mandi Mojia Visit Page
Rudy Mojica Visit Page
Marquita Moss $50 Visit Page
Amy Myatt Visit Page
Bella Myatt Visit Page
David Myatt Visit Page
Jayden Myatt Visit Page
Joshua Myatt Visit Page
Michael Myatt Visit Page
Nic Myatt Visit Page
Ruth Myatt Visit Page
Wesley Myatt Visit Page
Elmer Pool Visit Page
Jackie Pool Visit Page
Vicki Roberts $125 $50
Visit Page
Gary Sailors Visit Page
Kristi Sailors $100 Visit Page
Celeste Scarborough $30 Visit Page
Mark Scarborough Visit Page
Griffin Smith Visit Page
Katie Smith Visit Page
Nathaniel Smith Visit Page
Reese Smith Visit Page
Tucker Smith Visit Page
Becky Stewart $300 Visit Page
Becky Thompson Visit Page
Ernest Thompson $100 Visit Page
Clara Tillotson Visit Page
Randy Tillotson Visit Page
Susan Trees Visit Page
Gary Tucker Visit Page
Martha Walker Visit Page
Todd Warren Visit Page
Amber Weed Visit Page
Anna Weed Visit Page
Jonathan Weed Visit Page
Libby Weed Visit Page
Luke Weed Visit Page
Michael Weed Visit Page
Natalie Weed Visit Page


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Name Goal So Far Progress
Adams Family $50 Visit Page
Bailey Family $100 $150
Visit Page
Come With US $150 Visit Page
Copeland Family $200 $430
Visit Page
Doyle Family $250 Visit Page
Drennon Family $300 Visit Page
Esche Fam $100 Visit Page
Lennous Family $50 Visit Page
Loeve_Copeland $40 Visit Page
McCormick $100 $140
Visit Page
MYATT Family $100 Visit Page
Sailors $500 $140
Visit Page
Scarborough fam $80 Visit Page
The Smith Family $250 $50
Visit Page
The Weed Family $125 Visit Page


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Date Donation From Message
10/24/2020 Anonymous Donor May Jesus Christ be praised!
10/23/2020 Candice Matt Taylor Ryan Mitchell
10/14/2020 Anonymous Donor
10/12/2020 Tim & Nita Garner
10/11/2020 Joe and Jill Farmer
10/11/2020 Paul & Jennifer Sladek
10/10/2020 Anonymous Donor
10/10/2020 Anonymous Donor Tried to sign up on walk couple of times but didn’t make it. Hope this time works.
10/9/2020 Anonymous Donor
10/9/2020 Denise Todd
10/7/2020 Sue Trees
10/6/2020 Luanne Jones
10/6/2020 Anonymous Donor
10/4/2020 Depmore’s
10/3/2020 Fluitt Family
10/2/2020 Harrison Mallett
10/2/2020 Doug and Sarah McBride
10/2/2020 Anonymous Donor
10/2/2020 LaJuana & Bob Burgess We are always happy to support "Walk for Water". Each drink here at home brings their need to my mind.
10/2/2020 Robert and Kathy Campbell
9/30/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/30/2020 Gary Tucker
9/30/2020 Robert & Kay Scott
9/30/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/30/2020 Cynthia Miller
9/30/2020 Martha Walker We have so much. They have so little.
9/16/2020 Steve & Janice Fuller
9/15/2020 Gwen White
9/12/2020 Anonymous Donor
9/12/2020 The Weed Family
9/12/2020 J Cress
9/12/2020 Michele Broadway
4/27/2020 Elmer Pool

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This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $177,078

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