Success Stories

Lamia-Afghan Foundation

One of the most rewarding elements of this ministry is the relationships that we have the opportunity to build with other ministries that have a common goal. One such ministry is the Lamia-Afghan Foundation. This group, founded by General John Bradley and his wife, Jan, collects and ships thousands of dollars of aid to needy men, women, and children in Afghanistan. Healing Hands has been able to provide use of our volunteer workroom and warehouse space for the packing and loading of these shipments.


Pencils Can Change Things

Several years ago, HHI received a donation of several thousand pencils from a local pencil factory in Tennessee. We were grateful for the donation, but unsure about where we could possibly send something so "unimportant." Soon after the donation was received, we were packing a shipment of very important medical supplies and equipment to be sent to Cuba. In order to stabilize the equipment, a few boxes of pencils were added at the end.

When the shipment arrived in Cuba a few weeks later, the people were thrilled to have the pencils. They contacted us and asked if they could possibly get more. In some of their schools, one teacher had a single pencil to be shared between all of the students. "Of course!" we said, and we quickly began preparing a shipment containing a pencil for every child in Cuba. Now, which story do you think made the national news? The hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical equipment or the pencils? Just one more example of how God can use seemingly small things to make a huge impact!